MY WIFE IS A HACKER CHAPTER 1980-“Of course.’ Jared nodded his head, eyes full of confidence.

Lana smiled brightly. “Then, birth father, do you have money?

This sudden question stunned Nicole. ‘Nolan and Lana are twins. They’re both smart.1

Jared raised his eyebrows and said nonchalantly, “Yes.”

“Then… birth father, do you have a big house?” Lana asked innocently, staring at Jared with her big eyes.

Jared grinned confidently and replied, “Of course!”

Jared carried Lana over to the balcony, before pointing to the manor next door. “That’s the house I bought for your mother.”

“Wow!” Lana had her mouth agape, trying to maintain her composure. “Then… do you know kung fu?”

Jared nodded. “Of course. Your father is an all-rounder in civil and military affairs.”

Lana smiled. “That’s amazing!!! All the kids at kindergarten will be jealous that I have such an amazing father!”

When Jared heard Lana’s explanation, he could not help but laugh. ‘How can a kid this young know how to show off?

Kids these days are really keeping in trend.’

After a while of chattering, Lana got out from Jared’s grasp and waddled over to Nicole’s side with her short legs.

“Mom, I think father’s traits are quite good. You can consider him!”

It was at this moment that Jared realized that Lana was not asking childish questions at all. All her questions were thoughtful toward Nicole. Lana had done a background check on her own father to check if he was a suitable fit for her mother.

‘These two kids are really a handful.’

Lana looked up at the two of them and said, “Mom, I want to go visit my uncles. You and my birth father can have a chat.”

As soon as she said that, Lana shot Jared a wink, as if she was trying to match them, before leaving with a smile on her lips.

Nicole felt distressed as she watched Lana leave, waddling with her short legs. Lana was usually well-behaved and sensible like a little adult who hoped that her mother could find her birth father.

Lana could not hold back her excitement when she met with her birth father, yet she was able to maintain her rationality and decision-making to make considerations for her mother.

Nicole watched as her daughter left, filled with mixed feelings. In that time, Jared had come to her side and he brought her into a hug from behind. The sudden intimate gesture made Nicole tense up.

“You, what do you think you’re doing? Let me go…” Nicole said hurriedly.

‘What the hell is wrong with this guy, suddenly hugging me?’ Nicole thought, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry.”

Jared had never apologized to anyone, but for Nicole, all he felt was guilt and sadness.

Nicole was taken aback for a moment before saying, “Don’t be…”

“I hate Lawrence, but him saying all those things… He’s right, it’s me who failed to take care of you,” Jared said in a low voice as his mind thought of the scene of Nicole being shot in her arms and legs when she returned to San Joto five years ago. ‘What excruciating pain did she have to go through?’

At this moment, Jared’s hand was inching closer to Nicole, bringing her into a half hug. “I swear that from now on, I’ll protect you and the kids with all I’ve got, and I’ll make those who hurt you pay!”

No matter who had hurt her, I would never let them go. I’ll hunt them down one by one.’

As she felt Jared’s trembling hands, Nicole felt her heart beat faster. It was like she could feel his sincerity. However, she could not fathom that Lawrence’s words could affect Jared so much.

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