No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3908

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3908-“Think about it. This is already an easy way in for us. Without this opportunity, it would be even harder to execute the plan. There will be even more holes that we need to plug, and we could lose a lot of men. It’s far better to spend some purple gold to save ourselves the trouble.”

Desmond sighed helplessly. He understood it even if Seymour had not said that.

It was an incredibly rare opportunity that was basically hitting the jackpot, but he felt like it was still too high of a price!

Seymour said, “These rules are already incredibly favorable for us. Not only did we get the chance to enter the Toman Battlefield again, but we also got to pick where we were transferred to. Those regular warriors are all still in the outer regions, and we’re already in the best position. The purple gold was worth it.”

In order to attract even more warriors to sign up, they had spread some rumors that the Toman Battlefield was not going to be opened for another two months.

Of course, that was just a lie. No matter how talented or skilled they were, they were nothing in front of the Whirling World. There was naturally no way they would be able to change the rules of the Whirling World. However, it was not like there were no benefits for them.

As long as everyone in the top hundred rankings in the Toman Battlefield was willing to open it up, all the warriors in the whole Whirling World would be able to participate, and those in the top hundred rankings will be freed of restrictions from the laws of space.

It was probably a way to reward them, or it might be just a whimsical thing.

After those hundred people agreed to open the battlefield, they would get a second chance to enter the Toman Battlefield. They would be able to spend purple gold to freely choose where they get transferred to as well. With those rules in place, it made their plans much easier.

Things that would have been incredibly difficult to achieve would then become a piece of cake. However, there was a payment that needed to be transferred to where you wanted to.

Everyone needed to pay three pieces of purple gold to be transferred to where they wanted to. If there were too many people, the price would be too high. Even warriors at the peak would balk at the price.

After the whole plan was set, they finally decided that only 66 of the ones who were allowed to enter the Toman Battlefield a second time would do so. The others had other arrangements.

Those 66 of them could choose where they wanted to be sent, but it would take 198 pieces of purple gold. As the leader of this operation, they would be able to get even more resources after the plan succeeded. They would naturally have to pay up even more, or it would be insufficient to convince the others.

In the end, it was decided that of the 66 people, other than Seymour, Desmond, and Triton, another warrior at that level, the others would only have to pay one piece of purple gold each.

Those that would benefit the most from the plan, in the end, would pay the remaining 132 pieces of purple gold.

Thankfully, the two of them were not the only leaders. The other warriors who stood at the peak were not joining, but they had contributed a lot to the plan as well. Even though they could afford 33 pieces of purple gold, it was still quite a painful sum to pay. After all, 33 pieces of purple gold were equivalent to 330 million spirit crystals.

They might be from large and rich clans, but that number of purple gold pieces was still a huge sum. In order to complete the plan smoothly, they were forced to pay a large amount of their fortunes.

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