No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3910

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3910-They had never faced Jack themselves before and could only try to determine Jack’s true power through the image plates. Furthermore, the three of them all had tasks to perform on the Toman Battlefield.

They had no way of knowing when they would be able to locate Jack. After they did, someone would need to lead the charge.

Whether it’s to obstruct him or to follow him, they would need a warrior that stood at the peak to do it. Before they figured out Jack’s true skills, the person who leads the charge could very well end up heavily injured or even die if they were not careful.

Even though the risk of losing their lives was very low, it was still not something to be callous with.

The image plate showed how Jack had fought the beast. However, they had never been to the Capture Hall before, so they had no way of determining how strong the beast was. On top of that, it was just a recording on the image plate.

They were only able to look at images. Without being there for themselves, they had no way of personally sensing the power Jack was showing, so they had no way of determining how strong Jack was at all. They could not tell if they were able to confront Jack alone.

Triton had always been confident in himself, but it was not blind confidence.

Jack’s skills meant that he would be an incredibly difficult opponent. If Triton led the charge, he could very well become cannon fodder. Desmond and Seymour were very cunning people and might end up stabbing Triton in the back if he was heavily injured.

After all, resources at the peak were limited. Without him, they would be able to get more.

Desmond sighed and said, “Don’t think of us so badly. None of us think of you as cannon fodder. For safety’s sake, it’s better if the three of us act together to deal with him.”

After he said that, he paused for a moment, composing himself before continuing solemnly, “Jack is someone that must absolutely be dealt with for us. Don’t worry. The moment we find out where he is, we won’t hold back.”

“However, you have to know something as well. We have an incredibly important task. We can’t leave this cave for no reason. You have much more mobility in that regard. I know you don’t want to be the one charging forward force, but the moment we find Jack, you’ll definitely be the one to get to him the quickest…”

“You won’t have to attack him right away. Just make sure to notify us. We’ll hurry over as soon as possible. Even if he wants to fight you, you must make sure to avoid him. That way, you’ll be safe, and we can deal with Jack easily.”

Hearing that, Triton raised an eyebrow.

His goal had been to tell the two of them that he would definitely not be the idiot to rush ahead!

It was very possible for both sides to end up heavily injured if that happened. Then, if Seymour and Desmond arrived after that, the two of them would just take advantage of the situation.

Triton nodded, “I have to make another thing clear as well. Don’t blame me if this guy uses some special method and manages to avoid my pursuit.”

Desmond frowned upon hearing that, but he still nodded calmly.

Triton slowly stood up, “You know I’m the one who is least likely to let Jack off. As long as there’s a way, I absolutely won’t let him escape. However, I can’t do anything if he has some trump card up his sleeves. I won’t just throw my life away either.”

Desmond and Seymour nodded again after they exchanged looks.

At that moment, it was incredibly quiet in the cave. Other than the sounds of their faint breathing, all there was left was the awkward silence. The three of them could feel how unhappy each other was. Triton did not want to stay in that awkward atmosphere for too long.

He bid his farewell before he turned around to leave.

Looking at Triton’s silhouette slowly disappearing, Desmond could not help but scoff, “That guy sure is sharp…”

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