No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3911

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3911-The two of them were no idiots. They could tell that Triton came over because he wanted to push away responsibility if anything happened. He prioritized his own benefits more than anything else.

Seymour looked at Desmond before smirking and said, “I can’t believe you nodded and agreed. You didn’t even say anything else. It’s so different from your usual attitude. After all, he’s clearly telling us that any accidents that happen won’t have anything to do with him, and we should be the ones taking responsibility.”

Desmond laughed, but the laughter did not reach his eyes.

There was a cold glint in them, “Of course, I know what he means. Even if I don’t agree, he would use a whole essay to convince you. Don’t you know how shrewd he normally is?”

“The moment you even try to touch any of his benefits, he will immediately confront you. If you don’t agree with him, we’ll probably be stuck here for the whole day. Rather than waste our time, it’s better to just agree with him. However, if anything does happen in the end, it won’t be up to him to decide who the responsibility falls on.”

Seymour nodded as he looked at the entrance of the cave.

Triton had already disappeared at that moment. However, Seymour still looked over with a mocking gaze.

Triton just seemed like he was being smart. These things were not matters that could be settled just by saying a few things beforehand.

Jack wasted four more hours walking before he saw a single green demon, idly walking around a plain. The green demon did not look that different from a human in terms of body shape, but they had green masks on them and wore green armor. Even their skin was green. Upon closer inspection, one could see that there was a layer of scales on their skin.

The green demons were on the level of regular warriors.

When they saw the green demon, the two of them sighed in relief at the same time.

After all, they had already used up four hours. On the way, they had been on the lookout for a crimson demon’s cave and planned to kill a few crimson demons. The high-leveled demons would not appear in the outskirts.

However, they had been looking around for so long and had yet to even see a green demon, let alone a crimson demon. Lourain was even starting to wonder if he really was on the Toman Battlefield.

Lourain took a deep breath, “Wow! We finally found a green demon! I was beginning to think that we were in the wrong place!”

Jack smiled and said nothing.

He walked forward and started to form seals. Ten Soul Swords materialized in the air. Jack pushed his right hand forward, and the ten Soul Swords merged into one as it shot at the green demon.

The green demon felt a wave of energy coming right at it. It immediately looked up, but the Soul Sword was already in front of it. It could not avoid the attack no matter what!

The sword pierced through its chest, and its soul shattered.

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