No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3912

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3912-It did not even have time to cry out in pain before it died. With a thud, its body fell to the ground.

The two of them walked over to the body, and the body turned into rewards. There were a thousand and two hundred spirit crystals glowing there.

Lourain’s lips twitched, “It’s only a thousand and two hundred! I thought you’d at least get ten thousand!”

Jack laughed and said, “It’s just a green demon. A thousand and two hundred is already quite a lot. If a green demon is worth ten thousand, then wouldn’t a demon king be worth ten pieces of purple gold!”

Lourain nodded, but he still looked down on that minuscule amount. After all, he had already accumulated a small fortune after winning a lot from the bets. He did not want to bother with a thousand spirit crystals. However, it was already a reasonable sum for regular warriors.

If they killed enough green demons, they would be able to earn quite a lot of spirit crystals. Lourain wanted to say something else when he noticed a few figures in the corner of his eye. He immediately turned around and saw a few more green demons coming over.

Lourain said excitedly, “Jack, look! There are quite a lot of green demons here! We probably never saw them before because our location was too barren. Even if green demons were moving around, they were still closer to the center!”

Jack nodded as he looked at Lourain’s excited expression.

He had a thought in his mind, “There’s no way we can get to the inner region in a day even if you rush anyway. Let’s just wait for the space to shrink and for us to be transferred. Green demons are nothing to me, but I can just leave them to you.”

To Jack, the green demons were worth far too little. Even ten of them were nothing to Jack. After all, only purple gold would tempt Jack.

Since that was the case, it was better to just leave it to Lourain.

This was the playground of regular warriors. Lourain was stronger than an average warrior, the green demons were no match for him alone.

Not only would Lourain manage to get some wealth, but it would also be training for him. Lourain looked over in surprise, not knowing what to say.

He could not help but lament how lucky he was again.

Jack smiled when he saw Lourain’s expression. “You can save your thanks. You know I don’t like to hear things like that. You came in to help me anyway, so I should be giving you some benefits.”

Lourain nodded eagerly.

With Jack next to him, he would not be in any danger even if a few dozen more green demons came. To Lourain, it was the perfect chance.

At that moment, Lourain was incredibly excited. He did not notice a cold pair of eyes looking at the two of them behind a tree at all.

That man’s face was incredibly ugly, and growth took up most of his face. Even his mouth and eyes were pushed aside. He was short and had black armor on. He was looking right toward Jack, and he narrowed his eyes as he took out his transmission room, preparing to relay the situation to his friend.

At that moment, his friend was not far away from Jack. He was smiling as he looked at a bleeding man in front of him.

Maxcus wiped the blood from his mouth as he glared at the man’s friend, “Tanner, I’ll never forgive you!

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