No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3914

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3914-Lanz was naturally quite angry as well, but he still retained his rationality. The situation was incredibly bad for them at that moment.

Recklessness would do them no good. The three of them were already injured. The chances of them being able to win were zero. Even if those three were incredibly evil and disgusting, they were forced to accept it.

Lanz grabbed Joran’s arm tightly, “Joran, don’t be reckless. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse!”

Joran was so angry his whole body was trembling, but he knew that his fellow disciple was right. He could not afford to be reckless.

Yet, he could not stand it at all, those three were just too despicable.

Maxus clenched his teeth, “Both of you, quiet!”

He took a deep breath and held back his anger, “Two hundred thousand! That’s all I can give you!”

Tanner shook his head, putting up three fingers, “Three hundred thousand! Nothing less!”

Joran was incredibly furious, “Tanner, don’t cross the line! You said it was two hundred thousand before!”

However, before he could continue, Tanner shot back at him, “You’re right, I really was just going to ask for two hundred thousand from you, but you shouting at me really hurt my heart just now. My mental state is just really fragile. Since you shouted at me, you need to pay me more!”

After he said that, the two men behind Tanner started to laugh.

Joran was losing himself to his anger. His fists were tightly clenched together as he clenched his teeth and looked at Tanner, wanting to rip Tanner apart.

When Tanner said that, he looked like he was talking to a stray dog by the street. Joran felt like his dignity was being completely trampled over, but he could not fight back. The extra hundred thousand was because of him. If he acted recklessly again, Tanner would definitely raise the price again.

Lanz took a deep breath as he looked at Joran helplessly.

Joran was stronger than him, but he really struggled with his temper. There was no point in speaking so much in a situation like this.

The more Joran shouted, the more the price would increase. Furthermore, they would say even more harsh words back at them!

Lanz pursed his lips and said to Joran, “Joran, we’re in a bad situation right now. Don’t be in such a hurry to fight back. We need to leave this place and recover before we can do anything.”

Joran stiffly nodded at that, forcing down his anger. After that, he did not say anything else.

Maxcus had a bitter look on his face at the moment. He was already injured, but he was still being toyed around like that. It felt like a ball of fire was burning through his gut.

At that moment, Maxcus was barely holding on to his rationality. He forcibly pushed his temper down, finally nodding in the end.

It was not like they could not afford three hundred thousand, it was just that it felt incredibly humiliating.

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