No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3921

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3921-It seemed like the identity he had used in the Killing Hall had been exposed as well.

Back then, the audience was just too excited, and time was too short. No one had noticed that he was Jack. However, after a while, it was obvious that people would notice that Lane and Jack were the same person.

Jack felt quite helpless in the situation. It seemed like he would need to be more careful before he acted in the future.

Remi had always been someone who liked to listen to rumors and liked to gossip as well.

Of the four of them, only Remi had managed to recognize Jack immediately. After all, Jack’s name was incredibly well-known during the recent period of time. Someone like Remi who loved to gossip would naturally recognize Jack the moment Jack attacked.

Remi gulped. Even though Jack did not answer, Jack’s calm expression proved everything.

At that moment, the lack of a reply was a firmer answer than anything Jack could say.

Remi felt like his heart was pounding rapidly! He felt like his entire body froze!

Seeing Remi’s reaction, the other three were even more confused.

What was that guy doing?

Who was Jack?

At that moment, Remi grabbed Tanner’s arm, ‚ÄúTanner! We should run! This guy is probably a warrior that stands at the peak!”

As he said that, Remi had a pale face as if he had fallen deathly ill. He was definitely not putting on an act.

Tanner’s eyes widened at those words, and he suddenly turned to look at the ugly man.

The ugly man widened his mouth in disbelief.

He shook his head frantically, “Impossible! There’s no way he’s some warrior at the peak! You must be wrong! The two of them struggled so hard to kill a crimson demon just now! How could he be that strong? If he was that strong, even unique demons and demon kings would be easy for him! You must be wrong!”

He sounded very sure when he said all of that as if it was a guarantee. After all, he had been the one to send out that information, and the ugly man had seen how long it took to kill the crimson demon!

Because of that, he determined that they were probably only in between regular and above average in terms of skill. It had to be said that the ugly man had a sharp eye.

His evaluation was not exactly wrong, since Lourain’s skills really were at that level.

After hearing what the ugly man said, Tanner started to calm down.

Remi had just looked too terrified earlier. The few of them could not remain calm after hearing what Remi said and seeing Remi’s expression.

Tanner had a cold look on his face and said, “Remi, don’t be so scared of everything! A warrior that stands at the peak? Do you think they’re just everywhere for you to find? If this man really was that skilled, why would he have not seen it?”

Tanner’s words were incredibly firm. Other than Remi, the three of them calmed down. Remi had a helpless look on his face as he looked at Tanner, not knowing what to say.

He had two image plates of Jack with him, and he had watched those plates many times. After all, it was not easy to see warriors at that level fight!

On top of that, Jack’s mysterious background made Remi very curious. Even though he did not know what Jack’s technique was called, it did not stop him from recognizing it.

Remi took a deep breath and said, “Tanner! Do you think I’d be causing trouble at this moment? Listen to me! Apologize to him and run away…”

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