No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3923

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3923-Lourain had planned on remaining silent the whole time, but he could not stop himself anymore after he heard what Remi said.

He laughed coldly and said, “Do you think you can just go wherever you want after trying to rob us?! Do you think you can leave now just because you want to?”

Remi’s lips twitched as he looked over at Jack and Lourain again.

At that moment, he realized how amusing it must have been to the two of them to listen to what he had said. He wanted to start to beg for mercy, but the ugly man interrupted him.

“Stop trying to put on an act! Iwas hiding just now and personally witnessed your battle with the demons! You had to put everything you had into defeating a crimson demon! Remi is just mistaken, but you’re trying to pretend now? You can fool anyone else, but not me!”

The ugly man quickly thought about everything he had seen. He had always been a cautious person.

The moment he noticed Jack and Lourain, he had been hiding and quietly observing. He had only reported the matter to Tanner after repeatedly verifying their skills.

If it was like Remi had said, that Jack person was someone that stood at the peak, then it would have been very easy for him to kill a crimson demon. Even demon kings would be incredibly simple.

How could he have needed so much effort?

After he thought about it repeatedly, he was sure that Remi had the wrong person. Otherwise, other than him who was hiding, no one else was there at all.

What would be the point of them putting on an act?

The arrogance those two were showing had to be just an act.

The ugly man really did not want to be blamed because of that!

When Remi heard that, his breathing almost stopped. That man was basically cutting off any hope they had. Even if Jack looked incredibly calm, Jack was not a simple person.

When the warriors of Star Continent had offended him, he had not held back at all, killing two warriors from Star Continent despite possible revenge from them.

When it came to someone like that, it was impossible to see what he was actually feeling beneath that calm exterior.

To Remi, that kind of person was the scariest. Just thinking about it made him shiver.

Remi grabbed the ugly man’s arm, “Are you crazy? Do you think I’m joking right now? I can assure you, this guy is definitely someone who stands at the peak! I’m not mistaken!”

He practically said all of that through clenched teeth.

At that moment, Remi was full of anger and exasperation. Since he was curious about Jack, he had seen the image plates a few times.

That was how he had immediately recognized Jack. Furthermore, when he was talking to his friends, they talked about Jack’s personality.

Jack was someone that never showed his emotion. He always had a calm look on his face as if nothing around him affected him at all. Other than that unknown face, it was obvious from every way that he was


Furthermore, this was not the first time Jack had changed his looks, so the face meant nothing! It was possible to change everything else, but his technique could not be changed.

The ugly man’s lips twitched helplessly,” Remi, have you been bewitched? I can swear to you that I’ve clearly seen the two of them fight just now! The two of them are at my level at most! There’s no way they are above average in any way! I think you’re being crazy right now! Why are you being so stubborn? If he really is that strong, then I’ll go eat a bunch of poop!”

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