No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3924

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3924-He spoke in such a quick and urgent tone. He was already starting to want to swear on his life.

The ugly man could not understand why Remi was so sure that the person in front of them was that Jack person!

There was clearly nothing special about him. He looked incredibly ordinary. Ifhe was tossed into a crowd, he would immediately blend in.

Yet, Remi seemed to be incredibly certain that that guy was incredibly strong!

Tanner and Reven looked on as the two of them argued, and various thoughts were in their heads. They felt at a loss at that moment.

The ugly man had always been very reliable when he did things. If there was anything strange, there was no way he would have sent out the information. After all, he was very careful, because he treasured his life a lot. Tanner and Reven were sure that he was not lying.

However, Remi did not seem to be lying either. His expression earlier seemed to be completely honest, and Tanner had vaguely heard of Jack’s name before as well. However, no matter what, the four of them were in a difficult situation.

One of the two men in front of them could be an incredibly strong warrior. If they decided to be stubborn and fought until the end, they could very well lose their lives. If they listened to Remi, they should apologize and quickly flee.

However, if Remi was wrong, and the two of them were just acting, then it would be a slap on their own faces!

Right at that moment, Jack suddenly laughed and put up a finger, “If each of you can give me one million, then I’ll let you go…”

The moment that was said, all four of them were stunned. The guy was robbing them instead! Lourain could not stop himself from laughing.

He did not expect that Jack would punish them in this manner. Their stiff expressions were just hilarious!

Tanner’s face darkened immensely. His whole body straightened up. He clenched his teeth and his eyes looked like they were on fire.

Remi frowned, “A million is a lot, but you have to make sure you keep to your word.”

Before he could continue, the ugly man stopped him, “Remi, are you crazy? He’s clearly toying with us! If he really is that strong of a warrior, why would he be robbing us? A million a person? That would make four million in total! Giving him four million for no reason, isn’t that just crazy?!”

It was just too absurd. He had never heard of anything so absurd before. It was as if Remi had been bewitched to believe anything that man said. The ugly man even felt like Remi would die if he was asked


Tanner could no longer stand it, “Everyone, shut up! Remi, now I’m sure that you must be crazy! You’re even willing to give him one million spirit crystals just because he asked? He’s clearly toying with you!”

Tanner was incredibly sure at that point that the guy was just trying to toy with him. He had never seen any warriors that stood at the peak try to rob others like that. He asked for one million right away!

There was no other possibility! Maxcus and the others were quite stunned. Even though they could not hear everything that clearly, they could tell that something was off from all their expressions.

Everything had been quite normal before, but they got progressively angrier and even started to fight each other.

What exactly happened?

The more Maxcus’ group watched, the more confused they were.

At that moment, they suddenly heard Tanner shout out angrily, “Everyone, just shut up! Reven, stop Remi from going crazy! I’ll deal with this guy right now!”

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