No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3925

No. 1 Supreme Warrior Chapter 3925-The moment he said that, no matter how hard Remi was trying to stop him, he charged forward at Jack! The four Soul Swords in the air had been waiting for that exact moment!

Jack scoffed as he pushed his hand forward. One of the Soul Swords suddenly clashed with Tanner’s blade.

After a loud crash, Tanner was sent flying. He felt like he had hit a wall!

The wall even repelled him with incredible force, sending him flying in the other direction. Right after that,

a wave of gray energy started to climb up his body. The energy was incredibly strange.

The moment it touched him, it seeped into his body.

An intense pain caused him to cry out in agony. He even started to writhe on the ground thanks to the pain. After he collapsed, he constantly rolled around like a snake that had been cut apart!

That scene caused everyone to wake up!

Only Remi was not affected since he had recognized Jack from the start!

The ugly man looked like he was in a complete panic. He looked at where Tanner fell with a completely frozen body. He even started to wonder if he was dreaming.

Otherwise, how was he seeing such a strange sight?

His lips twitched as he said in a hoarse voice, “Impossible! How is this happening?! I clearly saw the two of them using so much effort to kill a crimson demon! How did this…”

As he said that, he could no longer continue. He felt like his whole body had been surrounded by ice. He was absolutely frozen in place. Reven’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

He stiffly turned around and pointed at Jack, “He only used one of the four swords!”

If Tanner had been injured after Jack had put his all into it, Reven would still have been shocked, but he would have been able to accept it.

As long as the three of them worked together, they would still have a chance to survive. However, reality proved to not be the case!

Out of the four Soul Swords in the air, Jack had only used one to render Tanner like that!

The three of them were no match for Tanner. Facing those strange swords, they would only end up in a worse state than Tanner. Sure enough, if that person wanted to defeat four of them, he would have easily been able to do so!

Thinking about that, Reven no longer knew what to do. They were not the only ones that were stunned,

even Maxcus and the others were too.

After seeing Tanner being sent flying, their first reactions were not happy, but shock!

How strong did that person need to be to do that?

At that moment, they suddenly heard Remi shout, “Run! Flee in different directions!”

Only then would they stand a chance.

Unfortunately, Jack would not allow them to flee at all. After all, they already knew who he was. If news got out, it would be incredibly troublesome!

Jack used the laws of space on the Soul Swords. He had the Soul Swords hovering in the air the whole time precisely to stop them from running away!

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