Pursuing My Ex-Wife Is not Easy chapter 3009

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Is not Easy chapter 3009-“Do you want the truth?’ Gwen asked faintly with a frown and looked at Kurt.

After a pause, Kurt nodded. “Of course.”

Gwen said seriously, “I don’t want him back. Although you might find it unbelievable, I really don’t want him to come back to me.”

If Luke reappeared, that meant Steven had to leave. The last time Luke came back, he specifically stated as Steven’s brother, he hoped Steven could continue to live a happy life in his body. Therefore, she believed that was always Luke’s wish.

It was definitely not Luke’s wish if he came back one day. It was more like Steven did not want to exist anymore.


Gwen would rather maintain this current situation where Luke and Steven coexisted in the same body and lived in a place where no one knew them.

Maybe they would find a girl who could accept them and live happily together…

She chose to give them her blessing and provided them the space they deserved. This was the last gift she could give to them.

The answer left Kurt stunned and speechless. Stefan, who was about to leave the room, was stunned too.

Kurt saw the movement of the door. Unconsciously, he looked at Gwen.” Then…can you tell me why?”

“No reason.” Gwen curled up her lips and did not wish to explain further. ‘I just don’t want him to come back.”

The reason was too complicated and non-realistic. If she did not experience it once, she would never believe there would be such an incident.

However, Gwen did not know Kurt actually knew about it and had accepted it.

Therefore, she did not think Kurt would believe what she said. To make her answer more convincing, she added, “I’m sure you know Luke’s heart is beating in my body now. If Luke comes back, does that mean I need to return this heart to him? So I don’t wish him to come back. I’m living quite well now, and I don’t want anyone to come to disturb my peace now.”

‘ But you’re not living peacefully now.” Stefan’s deep and cold voice came from behind. “Do you think your life is peaceful after what your father and Luke’s gang are doing to you now?”

It startled Gwen. She turned around and looked at Stefan. “It’s different. I’m talking about the peace that I have with my mind and not my actual life.”

Stefan raised the corner of his mouth. “Do you really think you have peace in your heart now?”

All of a sudden, Gwen remembered the things Luna said to her when they were talking moments ago.

‘Even though he had his mask on all the time, you could still see his jawline. Aren’t you fascinated by that?’

Thus, her subconscious had her spotting Stefan’s jawline. When she was looking at him, Stefan was looking at her too.

Their eyes met.

The ambiance of the room became queer and awkward.

“Umm…” All of a sudden, Kurt coughed. “I’ve finished eating. I’m going out for a walk. Have fun chatting.”

Immediately after that, he cleaned his plate and ran out of the house as if he was running for his life.

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