Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2860

Chapter 2860 

Gwen stared at Steven coldly. “Your sacrifices are only worth it when I need it. When I don’t need it, the sacrifices you think you’re making are selfish acts to make yourself feel better. Luke did the same, and the same goes for you now.” 

She glared at Steven exasperatedly. “When Luke sacrificed his life for me, he didn’t know my life would be meaningless without him. Now, you want to give Luke back to me by killing yourself because I love Luke. “Have you ever debated if I’d actually be at peace if that day comes, even if I’m with Luke? I’d always think we were the ones who killed you, all for the sake of my happiness with Luke.” 

Steven was stunned silent upon hearing this, and Gwen took this chance to assert herself. 

“Even if Luke does come back, he’ll think that he was the one who robbed you of your life. I can’t accept Luke as I used to, either. There will be a gap in our hearts, and you’re never coming back. The gap between me and Luke, as well as the wound in our hearts, will never heal. 

“Only you get what you want; the great ‘sacrifice’ you think you contribute. You leaving with your selfish’ greatness’ will only put us through guilt!” 

Steven stared at Gwen as his face was pale like snow. He always thought it was his existence that caused Luke to lose his life and Gwen to lose her beloved. 

He never thought of what it would be like if he truly got Luke back…and the life Gwen and Luke would be living.. 

Would they truly feel guilty like Gwen said? 

“That’s right.” Perhaps Gwen read Steven’s mind. 

She inhaled deeply as she walked to him and patted his shoulder. “So get rid of the unrealistic thought. This is my thought and also Luke’s. We’ve made the decision in the past; Luke and I are destined to be apart. We don’t need you to make any sacrifices.” 

She smiled bitterly. “Don’t go looking for that doctor again, and don’t eat whatever medicine that induces. that dissociative identity disorder anymore. Luke doesn’t want to come back, and I don’t need him to come back. 

“After the lawsuit against the Hughes family and Miller family are filed and completed, I’ll go back to Merchant City with Joshua and Luna, then I’ll return to Sea City. I’ll also live my life just like how Luke wanted. 

“In the meantime, I hope you’ll stay in Saigen City and carry on with your life. Don’t miss me and Luke. We’re both strangers to you in the first place, anyway.” 

Having finally said her peace, Gwen turned and walked away, not once turning back. 

Steven stood still as he watched Gwen leaving. 

The light in his eyes dimmed. Lowering his head and looking at his hands, a bitter smile broke out on his face. So she doesn’t need my kindness. I’m just a stranger to her, someone she doesn’t want to cross paths with. A stranger…” 

He closed his eyes as he felt his heart throbbing in pain. 

Fate was indeed cruel 

Although Luke was abandoned when he was young and had lived a hard life, he turned out to be the gang leader adored by many of his comrades and even met Gwen. On the other hand, Steven was the precious 

son in the family, but what did that leave him with? 

He did not have Luke’s ability, his connection, and his friends. Most importantly, he would never have Gwen’s love. 

Even if he shared the same face as Luke and also Luke’s body, he would never have Gwen’s attention. 

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