Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2893

Chapter 2893 

Luna felt weird about what Anne said. “Shelly’s real identity?” 

“Why didn’t I hear Bonnie saying anything about it? she thought. 

While she was accompanying Gwen in Saigen City, she never ceased keeping in touch with people back in Merchant City. Rosalyn and Charles were helping her to take care of her three kids. Bonnie and Jim always contacted her too. 

She was even on a video call with Bonnie this morning discussing the lawsuit. However, she never heard Bonnie talking about anything related to Shelly’s real identity. 

“Yea…” Anne pursed her lip and looked at Joshua and then at Luna. “You guys don’t know?” 

Shelly was the daughter Luna and Joshua lost; Bonnie was the one who told her about this. How was it possible that Bonnie did not tell Luna and Joshua? 

“I know,” replied Joshua indifferently with a frown before Luna could reply. “I was going to bring Luna back to Merchant City after settling the issues in Saigen City, but something came up, so I had to take her here.” 

He glanced at Anne as he added, “We’ll talk more about Shelly when Luna and I go back to Merchant City.” 

Anne knew better than to continue with that topic after hearing what Joshua said. “So, what’s the emergency?” 

Luna furrowed her eyebrows. She did not hide and told Anne everything Adrian did. 

“Adrian is a jerk!” Upon knowing the truth about how Adrian treated Rianna and what happened to Celia after she got dumped, Anne angrily ranted, “Do you know the many things he did over the past year, using Joshua’s name? He even harassed John too. He told John that Joshua needed John’s help and asked for money so he has the capital to establish a company, or something like that. 

“We’re just one of the many small companies the Lynch Group cooperated with, yet he approached us. You can tell he’s approached every company based on the list of companies Lynch Group is cooperating with.” 

Joshua frowned unconsciously and looked at John, who was driving. “Adrian looked for you?” 

John nodded. “It was more than half a year ago. If Anne didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have remembered. At that time, he looked for me and told me that you said you have trouble with your cash flow and hoped that I can help you… 

“It sounded fake, yes, but he was your father, so I did consider it. Anne then told me that after you left Banyan City to go to Merchant City, your company had been doing very well. Your group is one of the two largest groups in Merchant City, and the other one belongs to Luna’s family. 

“That’s when I thought Adrian was lying when he said you have difficulty with your cash flow. The next day, he came looking for me again. I told him straight away that my wife is Luna’s best friend and that I’d tell her to inform you if he ever came to find me again. Only then did he leave and never came back.” 

John sighed. “You should really look into this since you’re back now. From what I heard, there are at least tens of companies, if not a hundred, that gave money to Adrian. All he’s doing is ruining and tarnishing your reputation…” 

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