Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2895

Chapter 2895

Not long later, their car arrived at the accommodation where John arranged for Luna and Joshua. It was a place situated in the city center with two bedrooms. Even though the space was small, the design of the place was extremely comfortable, sort of resembling

the life when Luna was living overseas with her three kids.

“Anne was the one who picked this place,” John explained proudly after seeing the shock in Luna’s eyes. “She said that during the past five years you’ve lived outside, you stayed in this sort of place. Now that you’re back together with Mr. Lynch, you won’t get to live in such a small place. It’s good to let you recollect that moment during this short stay.”

He looked at Anne pleasingly after saying that. “Anne is always so thoughtful and caring.”

Enter title…

Anne blushed upon hearing John’s words. While she carried Sammie in one hand, she used her other elbow to nudge him. “It’s nothing much, really. You don’t have to emphasize it.”

“No, John is right. You’re very thoughtful and caring.” Luna burst out in laughter, looking at how loving the couple was. “I haven’t stayed in a place like this for a long time. Come to think of it, I do miss it.”

“Really?” Joshua raised his brow and looked at Luna. “What about if I buy this place?

You can come to stay here occasionally and reminisce.”

Luna curled her lips. “Why not? Though…”

She raised her eyebrows while looking at Joshua. “I don’t know if Mr. Lynch, who has

been living the luxury life, would come stay with me.”

In her memories, Joshua never stayed in such a tiny place before. He was born into a

prestigious family, and even though he did not have his mother protecting him, he was

still the most precious, beloved child in the Lynch family.

Even at his lowest time, he never lived in such a normal house, so Luna knew it was

unlikely he would be willing to come to stay at this place with her. Not because he

disliked it, but mainly because he was used to living in the big house. There would

definitely be many inconveniences in his life living in this small place.

Luna, however, did not expect what would come next before she could say out the later part of her sentence.

Joshua curled his lips and smiled. “Of course I’d come stay with you,” Joshua said while he turned around to sit on the sofa.

His legs were too long, so he had to bend them while sitting on that small sofa and not extend them out fully like he was at home. Nevertheless, he did not seem to be troubled by that.

He smiled. “It’s not bad here. It’s quite cozy.”

He looked up at Luna and continued, “If you like how cozy it is, I’ll buy this place.”

“Once we settle everything and when the kids are back in Banyan City, we can stay here for one day during the weekend. What do you think?” His eyes were so sincere, as though very certain about that decision.

It amused Luna entirely.

She looked at him rather helplessly. “Mr. Lynch, this place isn’t as spacious, mind you. Do you think five of us can fit in here?”

“Yes.” Joshua curled his lips upward. “We can, if you like it.”

A warm feeling swallowed in her heart upon hearing this.

She pursed her lips. There was something she wanted to say, but she did not know how to express it. They had been together for too long, and some words were meant to keep to themselves. Otherwise, it would be too cheesy, too over-the-top.

“Hello? Your kids are already seven, and both of you are more lovey-dovey than John

and I.” Anne looked for the right moment to break the awkwardness, “Alright, alright. You

two can just snuggle, coo at each other or something. We’ll bring Sammie back now. Call

us if you need anything.”

She raised her daughter’s hand. “Sammie, say goodbye to your godmother.” Sammie,

just a year old, cooed as best as she could, “Godmom… Bye-bye!” It was so cute that

Luna burst out in laughter.

After they left, Luna’s smile disappeared.

“Sammie is already one. I wonder…”

She sighed. “I wonder where our daughter will be when she’s a year old.

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