Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2897

Chapter 2897 

The photo showed a face that both Luna and Joshua were familiar with. It shocked Luna that she looked at Joshua with surprise. “She… She’s Jacqueline?” 

“From the information I’ve received, she is.” Looking at the photo, Joshua squinted. “How can she look so alike to her?” 

Luna was stunned as her eyes remained on the photo. This woman… She looks so much like Fiona!” 

Back in the past, Fiona basically wanted Joshua to make her his fake girlfriend, in exchange that she would donate her bone marrow to Nigel. All that, and she persistently caused trouble between her and Joshua. Although she eventually fell to her death down the cliff, Luna remembered this face after all the harm she caused to Luna. 

‘Adrian’s wife looks dangerously like her. Is it a coincidence, or… Joshua thought after glancing over Jacqueline’s information. 

From the information, Jacqueline was five years older than Fiona, but she was from the same city as Fiona. 

Most importantly… 

Joshua saw her parents’ names in the information. Her father’s family name was Grace, and her mother’s family name was Blake. She had a sister that went missing, and her sister went missing when she was five years old. 

Joshua squinted at those words. If his assumption was right, Jacqueline’s missing sister had to be Fiona. The information also stated that Jacqueline came to Banyan City six months ago. 

Over the past six months, Jacqueline had been to many places, including Yellowstone Village where Fiona fell to her death. 

Joshua sneered after thinking about all those. ‘Jacqueline must be here to look for her missing sister. The six months were more than enough for her to investigate Fiona’s death. She must’ve known by now that Fiona’s death is related to my family.” 

More than a year ago, Joshua left Banyan City and never went back to go look for Luna. That was probably why Jacqueline was in a hurry to date Adrian and become his fiancee when Adrian broke Celia. 



Maybe she thought she would have more opportunities to control Luna and Joshua after she became Joshua’s stepmom. 

Alas, she was wrong. 

The reason Joshua came back was to cut ties with Adrian. 

He closed the information while a smear appeared on his face. “How interesting.” 

That explained why Adrian could get such a pretty, young girlfriend despite his old age. No wonder Adrian insisted on sending the invitation card to Joshua, even if it required much effort. 

At fuct Joshua thought Adrian wanted him to come back to Banyan City to attend the wedding so he would feel superior. That assumption was proven wrong after reading the information. He finally knew the real reason Adrian insisted he must return to Banyan City, it was because of Adrian’s new boo 

How could Adrian reject it when his young wife requested him to invite his son back for the wedding? 

“I’m not done yet.” Luna frowned when Joshua closed the information “This Jacqueline Why do I have a 

feeling that she isn’t with your father because of love?” 

Fiona fell off the cliff and died more than a year ago because her plan to ruin Luna was destroyed. A year 

later, this woman-who looked so alike to Fiona, even-was going to marry Joshua’s father. 

They looked so alike… Could it really be a coincidence? 

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