Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2898

Chapter 2898 

Joshua burst into laughter at what Luna said. He extended his hand out to rub Luna’s head as he spoke, his voice sounding helpless, “Well, anyone can tell she doesn’t have true feelings for Adrian. Do you think a woman in her twenties will marry a man in his late fifties?” 

Luna pursed her lips and corrected him, “It’s not entirely impossible. Age isn’t a problem with true love.” “But isn’t it too fast to develop a true love that can overcome age problems in just a month?” 

“That’s true..” Luna took the phone from Joshua’s hand to open up Jacqueline’s information and went through it all. “Do you think…she’s related to Fiona?” 

“I don’t know” Joshua snatched it back with a smile. “We’ll know tomorrow night.” 

If Jacqueline is using Adrian to get close to me to take revenge for Fiona… Her reaction will prove everything once I show up at the wedding tomorrow. Nonetheless, my plan to destroy Adrian and his reputation during the wedding won’t change-no matter what Jacqueline tries to put off, he thought. “Even if she is related to Fiona, she can’t hold us accountable for Fiona’s death.” Luna pursed her lips. While she remained in Joshua’s arms, she changed her position and frowned. “Fiona was the one who tried to hurt us. That was why she fell down the cliff and died. If she didn’t fall off the cliff, then it’d be me and our children who’d fall.” 

Luna and Joshua were not the ones who caused Fiona’s death. On the contrary, it was Fiona who 

constantly tried to harm their family. With that said, Jacqueline should not hold them responsible if she wanted to take revenge for Fiona. 

“Alright. You can stop thinking about it.” Joshua sighed when he saw the troubled look on Luna’s face. 

He stretched his hand out to rub her head and said, “It’s time to rest. We’ve got a lot on our plate tomorrow.” 

She nodded and thus got up to clean herself. 


That night, Luna had a weird nightmare. She dreamed of Fiona climbing up from the cliff and tried to pull her down by grabbing at her pant legs. 

Fiona laughed hysterically in this dream as she sneered, “Jacqueline is my sister, and she’s here to take revenge for me! Revenge! 

“You’re done for, Luna! You, Joshua, and those bastard children of yours are all going to die! All of you deserve to die. You should all come to hell with me!” 

Luna woke up from the dream with cold sweats, and it dawned on her that Joshua was nowhere to be seen. She bit her lip and put on her robe to get ready to leave the room. This was when she heard a voice coming from the living room. 

The woman was none other than Joshua’s stepmom, Celia, as well as Michael’s mother Her sobbing voice penetrated through the door and rang in Luna’s ears 

“After being together for so many years, he rust dumped me like this. They d gotten together earlier Jacqueline was his secretary! They were together before Adrian and I divorced! That bitch seduced him That was why your father refused to see me and even had someone hit me 

It’s all because of that bitr hi 

After the complaints Joshua coldly begar, Aunty Celia 

First of all. Adnan is no longe: my father from today onward Secondly, it doesn’t matter if Jacqueline 

was the one who seduced him or not. It doesn’t change the fact that Adrian is a total asshole. Lastly, what I’m offering you is a sum of money in exchange for a favor. I’m not helping you to gain Adrian’s love 


“I also hope you can draw a line with him. Because after tonight, he’ll be ruined.” 

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