The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Joel slumped to the floor.

Celestial had canceled the partnership with Megatron.

How was this possible?

Did Thea call the actual chairman of Celestial Group?

Looking at Joel, James knew that Celestial had canceled their agreement with Megatron.

In the director’s office at Megatron Group.

Mark Xavier was busy yelling at Joel. Celestial had told him that this had come straight from the chairman. Joel had offended someone extremely important.

“Sir, Celestial said that the quality of our medicine is compromised. They’re suing us for three billion dollars!”

“Sir, the bank demands we pay off our loan right now!”

“Sir, one of our factories has been shut down by relevant authorities over a possible quality breach!”

“Sir, our shareholders are selling off their shares. Our share price is falling. We’ve lost millions of dollars!”

“Sir, Megatron has gone bankrupt! All our businesses are affected. Many of them have been shut down and are being investigated…”

Mark, still scolding his son on the phone, almost passed out.

Joel heard everything over the phone. He knew that Thea had called the real Alex Yates. He had kept his promise, causing the Xaviers to go bankrupt within half an hour!

His entire body was drenched in sweat.

“Thea, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! Please call Mister Yates again and tell him to stop. Please, I’m begging you!”

All the Callahans were stunned.

Thea was a little confused as well.

Alex had said that he would make the Xaviers go bankrupt. It had barely been half an hour, and it was done. He was an efficient man, Alex.

The Xaviers were the leaders of The Great Four, but they had gone bankrupt within such a short time. The chairman of Celestial Group was one not to be trifled with indeed!

Lex knew that the days of the Xaviers were over, while the days of the Callahans were just about to begin.

He ordered, “Security, throw Joel Xavier out!”

Two security guards appeared and dragged the kneeling Joel away.

“Thea, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Please give me and my family another chance…”

The sounds of Joel begging faded away.

Lex urged Thea to sit with him. “Come, Thea. Sit, don’t stand.”

Thea was the heroine of the family now. Thanks to her connection with Alex Yates, their glory days were just beginning.

Lex issued a decree. “From now on, Thea will be the executive chairman of Eternality Group with a monthly salary of three hundred thousand dollars!”

Thea took a moment to respond. “Really? You’re letting me be the chairman with a salary of three hundred thousand dollars?”

“Of course!”

“What about James?”

“Since you want him, he can stay for now.”

Thea was overjoyed. She stood up and grabbed James’ hands, looking like a little girl. “Honey, you can stay!”

James smiled. As long as Thea was happy, he was happy too. After all, he had sworn to make Thea the happiest woman on earth.

All of Cansington was in shock.

Last night, Warren Xavier died.

Today, the Xaviers went bankrupt. The leaders of The Great Four were no more. Falling from grace, they were now a family laden with debt.

At the Xaviers’.

Within a day of Trent’s return, the family had gone entirely bankrupt.

In the foyer, Joel was kneeling on the ground.

“Uncle, it’s Thea Callahan’s fault. She called Alex Yates and he canceled the partnership. He made us bankrupt…” Joel cried as he told the story, exaggerating as he saw fit.


Trent broke the glass he was holding. His expression was dark as he said, “Alex Yates. How dare you go against the Xaviers. Your family will not be able to protect you. Thea Callahan, your family will perish!”

Calmly, Rowena asked, “What should we do now, Trent?”

Trent stood up and said, “Don’t worry. I have a plan. Good things come to those who wait.”

The Xaviers were mourning several losses while the Callahans celebrated.

Lex made a public announcement about Thea taking on the role of executive chairman. From then on, Eternality Group was Celestial Group’s most important business partner.

Coupled with the news that Alex Yates had invited Thea Callahan to his office personally, the Callahans’ social status skyrocketed. Many people tried to curry favor with them.

James was finally recognized as Thea’s husband, moving into Thea’s place.

As the executive chairman, Thea left the house early and returned late every day, busy running the company.

James stayed at home being a househusband. He cooked. He cleaned. When it was time, he picked Thea up from work on an electric motorcycle.

He felt like he was living his dream life.

Two weeks quickly passed.

One day, James swept the floor and took the trash out. Then, he rode his motorcycle to Eternality’s office, ready to pick Thea up.

At the roadside outside Eternality Group’s office.

James squatted by the road, smoking a cigarette.

Henry did the same.

“James, don’t you find it boring? All you do is cook, clean, and pick Thea up. I’m not even doing it, and I’m bored. What if we take Thea to the Southern Plains?”

“What do you know? This is what it means to be truly living.”

James took a long drag and blew a smoke ring before throwing the cigarette butt on the ground. Casually, he said, “I’ve had enough of the killing and violence. Thea is the only important thing in my life now. I want to stay with her for the rest of my life and make her as happy as possible.”

“Oh, right.” Henry looked like he had just thought of something. “The Xaviers may be bankrupt, but it won’t be so easy to get rid of them. They still carry a little weight in Cansington, especially Rowena. She still has friends in high places. I did a little digging and found out that she will be organizing an auction tonight. They are planning to raise some funds and make a comeback. I believe that many of the items they’ll be auctioning were taken from the Cadens, including Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge.”

James’ face darkened.

Henry sensed the shift in James. The temperature around them plummeted.

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