The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 102

Chapter 102 The inilitary was dispatched. They sealed off the Prosperous Dynasty and arrested many people. The news caused an uproar in Cansington. “The Blithe King sure is enthusiastic! The first person he went after was Xander.” “‘I heard that Xander used to deal in some dirty business in the past. After years of cleaning up his business, he finally started doing some legal business. However, many lives ended in his hands, and there was a lot of dirt on him.” “Haha, it sure is satisfying! Black Wind Xander has finally been arrested! Even if he didn’t fall under gunfire this time, he will surely spend the rest of his life in jail!” The people of Cansington gossiped about what happened. All the major families had instructed their family members not to cause any trouble during this and lay low. It would cause their families many problems if they got targeted by the Blithe King. Thea’s family home. The whole family sat on the sofa in the living room. No one said anything, and the atmosphere was tense. Thea sat on the sofa like she had lost all her energy as tears rolled down her face, and she looked wretched. Seeing her state, Gladys also felt a little guilty.

She was mocked and endured much suffering because of Thea over the years. In front of outsiders, she was also unable to lift her head high. However, Thea had always been well-behaved and obedient. “Thea, I really didn’t have a choice either. We won’t be able to save your brother through Yoel’s connections if you don’t divorce James. You shouldn’t only think about yourself and be more considerate about your brother. Plus, Yoel is a much better choice than James. I’ve already learned from my past and don’t want you to end up like me in the future. I don’t want you to live unable to raise your head in front of others for the rest of your life.” Thea wept as soon as Gladys mentioned the matter again Knock! Knock! Knock! Someone knocked at their door. “Alyssa, go open the door.” “Okay, Mom.” Alyssa stood up and opened the door. At the door was a middle-aged man in a suit with his tie loosened and a few unbuttoned buttons. He looked distressed when she opened the door. Carried on his back was another person. “D-David?” Seeing David on York’s back, Alyssa instantly shouted. She immediately invited York into the house. “Quick, come in quickly!” York walked into the house with David on his back. Along time had passed, and David also regained consciousness. Although he was severely beaten, Xander knew how to hold back. Apart from some external injuries, there were no broken bones. York placed David on the sofa.

“David!” Alyssa burst into tears after seeing David’s state. Benjamin poured some water for York and said, “Thank you for sending David back home.” “You must be employed by Mr. Smith, right? Where is Mr. Smith?” Gladys asked. York gasped. He calmly analyzed the situation. James had such a great influence that even the Blithe King was cautious of him. However, the Callahans did not seem to know James’ real identity. Since they were not aware, York did not expose him either. He was a clever man and immediately knew how to deal with the situation. Dealing with it well would not only ensure the Smiths’ safety but also gain the favor of someone really influential. “My incompetent son got beaten up by Xander. He was slightly injured and had to pay a visit to the hospital, so I had to bring Mr. Callahan back for him,” said York. Hearing his reply, the fainily was collectively dumbfounded. ‘Incompetent son?’ This was York from the Smiths?’ “You…May I ask for your name?” Gladys exclaimed in disbelief. “Are you possibly Mr. York Smith, the chairman of Smith Group?” “You don’t have to call me sir. Yes, I am York.” “Ah! It is you, Mr. York! Please do have a seat,”Gladys immediately invited York to sit down. She never expected him to be the famous York Smith to personally bring David home. Seeing Thea sitting in the corner in sorrow, Gladys immediately called for her, “Thea, what are you still doing there? Come over and greet Dad.” “Uncle,” Thea stood up and greeted.

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