The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 103

Chapter 103 “Oh no, please don’t!” York stood up immediately, saying, “Ms. Thea, just call me Mr. Smith.” “Mr. Smith, my daughter will get a divorce from James as soon as possible. She’ll be free to marry Yoel after that, who has mentioned that he will not shun Thea. Even though Thea and James have obtained their marriage certificate, she’s still a virgin. She won’t be an embarrassment to the Smiths.” “Oh no, this is unacceptable!” York said, “Madam Hill, let’s not mention it. Thea and James are the perfect couple. Forget about my useless son! Thea’s way out of his league. Let’s leave it and not bring it up anymore!” Gladys looked confused. “Mr. Smitli, does it bother you that Thea is a divorcee?” “No, of course not! Haven’t you heard of the ancient saying, ‘It’s better to burn bridges than to destroy marriages’? Ms. Thea and James are in love. We should forget about it!” After finding out how powerful James was, York would be an idiot to request that Thea divorce James. If the divorce went through, the Smiths would be destroyed! Now, all they could do was wait for James to cool down. At the same time, it would do them well to maintain a good relationship with the Callahans. “Mr. Smith, what…” Gladys did not know what else to say.

“Well, that’s it, then. I’ll be on my way now. Oli, please tell James that my son will not be bothering Thea again.” With that, York left in a great hurry. His son was still in the car downstairs, waiting to go to the hospital. Although Yoel had made several grave mistakes, lie was still his son. After York left, the Callahans were left confused. After spending a few million dollars on getting David back, this was it? “Dave, how are you feeling? I’ll take you to the hospital now.” Alyssa looked at David, wlio was lying on the couch. She was so worried that she almost burst into tears. Listlessly, David waved his hand. “I-I’m fine. Just beaten up and strung up for a few hours. I lost consciousness for a while due to a lack of blood flow and oxygen to my brain, but I’m fine now.” Gladys pulled herself out of her thoughts. She had no time for them anymore. She approached David. “Dave, are you alright? Let’s go to the hospital.” “Mom, I’m fine. We don’t have to go to the hospital.” “We must. Look at you. You’re covered in bruises and injuries. Benjamin! Why are you still standing there? Carry your son downstairs and take him to the hospital.” “Yes, dear.” Benjamin carried David or his back All of them sent David to the hospital where he underwent several tests. It was only after the doctors cleared him that they all returned. Once they were home, Thea looked at Gladys eagerly. “Mom, Mr. Smith said that there’s no need for James and me to get divorced. Can you…” “How strange!” Knowing that David would be fine, Gladys was relieved. Now that she had calmed down, she thought the entire matter even stranger. Looking at Thea, she said, “Do you think that Mr.

Smith thinks poorly of you, so he doesn’t want you to be with his son?” “Mom, no matter what, Mr. Smith doesn’t want me as his daughter-in-law. As for James…” “Thea, this is for your own good. Even if you’re not with Yoel, you could choose someone else. What’s the point of being with James? What about Bryan Grayson? He admires you, doesn’t he? The Graysons are an inportant family from the Capital, even more influential than the Smiths.” “Mom…” Thea started tearing up. “David’s okay now. Are you still forcing my hand? David’s your son, but I’m your daughter too. I should have the right to choose my own partner.” Seeing Thea cry, Gladys siglied deeply. “Whatever I do, I do for you. I don’t want you to end up like me. Since you insist on not getting a divorce, James can return. I suppose he’s not completely useless. He does have some medical skills, and he’s a good housekeeper at the very least.” She had rejected twenty percent of Eternality’s shares after al… She had let it go. This was what the rest of her life was going to be like. She no longer hoped that Thea would marry into a wealthy, powerful family and make her proud. Now, as long as Thea was happy and they all lived in harmony, it was enough. “Thanks, mom.” Thea burst into happy tears. She called James from the balcony at once. “Jamie, we’re no longer getting a divorce. Please come home.”

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