The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 107

Chapter 107 James asked, “Thea, will you be going?” “Of course Why not?” Thea looked up When she was in university, she was a laughing stock She did not have any self-confidence and constantly looked down on herselt Now that she had recovered her looks, her confidence blossomed James nodded “This is an important event yet there’s nothing suitable in your wardrobe Come on, let’s go shopping You don’t have any messones either.”

“Nonsense Who says there’s nothing suitable? I think my clothes will do just fine “Thea pouted Go shopping? She could not afford it,

James could read Thea’s thoughts He smiled. “Come on I’ll pay. Isn’t my card with you? All my savings for the past ten years ure there It’s quite a large amount.”

“1- We better not.” Thea shook her head, She had always been thrifty.

She never cared much for luxury items either.

“Go on,”Gladys said. “It’s the birthday party of Longevity Pharmaceuticals’ chairman after all. It wouldn’t be right to stinge on this. We have to get her a gift as well.” “Al-alright then.” Thea nodded, knowing that she would not win this argument.

“Okay, let’s go!”

James reached for Thea’s hand.

Thea avoided lim instinctively. Knowing that she had overreacted after that, she reached for James’ hand and smiled at him in apology.

James returned her smile.

Hand in hand, they left the house.

James took his electric motorcycle

Thea sat behind him, hugging his waist and leaning her head against his back

James did not want to keep riding the motorcycle. He planned to get a car. He asked, “Thea, what’s your favorite car?” “My favorite car?” Thea was surprised. “We visited a motor show this morning, and I saw the most beautiful red Firarre race car. I’ll return and purchase it one day.”

Thea motivated and encouraged hersell.

She was not into luxury cars. She just happened to fall in love with this car. It would be so cool if she had a car like that.

“If you like it, let’s get it.” “Tsk…” Thea hit James on the head lightly. “Stop horsing around. Do you know how much a limited edition Firrare costs? I’ve looked at the price. It costs more than twenty million. I could sell you off and it still wouldn’t be enough.”



“Thea, I’m going to be honest with you, but promise me you won’t get angry at me.” “Okay.” In a small voice, James said, “I was a high-ranking official at the Southern Plains. I abused my position and pocketed some money, so I was demoted to a regular soldier. In the end, I was expelled from the military.”


Thea shouted, “You… you…”

“You said you wouldn’t get angry.” Thea smacked James on the head angrily. “How could you do something illegal when you could do so many other things?” “It’s not illegal. Do you know what the Southern Plains are like? It’s the border of the Eighteen Kingdoms. All the wealthy people are there, but it’s chaos. The rich pay a fee to the generals of the Southern Plains for protection. I took some money but the higher-ups found out, so I was expelled. As such, I have some money. If you want, we can use it to buy a car.” “I-I’m not taking it.”

Thea rejected the idea at once. “James, I’m warning you. I don’t care what you’ve done, but if you want to be with me, you can’t be involved in any illegal activities.”

“Thea, it isn’t illegal. It’s commonplace at the Southern Plains. It was just bad luck for me. You don’t even know how inuch money the other generals are pocketing. All of them chose to retire after that, buying luxury cars and mansions and living the easy life.”

He was trying to ease Thea into accepting his true identity. If she could accept all of this, it would not be too difficult for her to accept that he was the Black Dragon. “R-really?”

Thea did not know much about it. However, she knew bribery when she saw it. James nodded. “Of course. Have you heard of our boss, the Black Dragon? He’s one of the Five Commanders, on par with the Blithe King. He pocketed lots of money. He even conquered an enemy state and took over their gold mines. After selling it to other entrepreneurs, he made tens of billions just like that.” Thea shouted, “What? That’s so much money!”

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