The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Seeing Thea, his expression turned greedy.

He then turned his gaze onto James, who was wearing plain clothes. Zach’s expression turned mocking. “Thea, the Callahans are quite an important family. How did you end up marrying

this piece of trash? There are still some eligible bachelors in my family. Why don’t you divorce huim? I’ll introduce you to someone in my family.”

Zach stared at Thea, planning to have her himself.

He said he would introduce her to an eligible bachelor in his family, but he wanted her for himself.

Thanks, Mr. Smith.” Thea smiled, pulling James away.

“Hey Thea, are you shopping for new clothes for Yuna’s birthday party?” Xena grabbed Thea. “What?” Thea looked at Xena, asking, “Why?”

When she was at school, she was shunned in class. She was never close with her classmates.

What was going on now? Why did they suddenly have so much to say? “Thea, I heard that you’ve been cast out of the Callahans. How can you still afford such expensive clothes?”

Thea’s expression darkened.

She might have been simple-minded, but she knew that Xena was making fun of her.

She ignored Xena, not wanting to argue with someone so snobbish.

“Oh, important guests! Please, come in!”

Just then, the salesperson who snubbed Thea earlier on approached them.

Seeing as Xena was decked out in jewelry and carried a purse worth thousands, the salesperson bowed as if he was welcoming God himself. It was so different from how he treated Thea.

Xena lifted her head and looped her arm through Zach’s, walking over proudly.

She even glanced back at Thea, smiling. “Thea, it’s Yuna, Ms. Lawson’s birthday party tomorrow. Look at how shabbily you’re dressed. I think you better not go and embarrass yourself. Furthermore, the Callahans are now the laughing stock of Cansington. Who fakes an invitation to attend the Blithe King’s succession ceremony? What a joke.”


Thea was shaking in anger.

Next to her, James said. “See, I told you we shouldn’t leave. We have the money to pay.”


James’ words caught her attention. She burst out laughing. “You’re just a soldier. How much money do you have? Can you even afford the clothes here?”

Zach flew into the clothes rack. All the clothes fell to the floor. The salesperson was horrified. In a low voice, he said, “Oh my God. Do you know how much these clothes are worth? Get ready to pay up.”

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