The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Phew! Thea took a deep breath. It was so surreal! All this was simply unbelievable! Just then, a Firarre stopped at the entrance. A tall, beautiful, and elegant woman in a white shirt and a black pencil skirt approached. Click-clack, click-clack… Her heels clicked against the ground, creating crisp sounds. “Ms. Lawson.” All the salespeople in the shop were respectful as the woman approached. Even the manager, Miranda, said respectfully, “Ms. Lawson.” Yuna took in the scene and glanced at James. Finally, her gaze landed on Thea. Pretending to be familiar with Thea, she took her hand, smiling, “It really is you, Thea!” Thea was stunned. She did not recognize who this beautiful woman was. “Thea, it’s me. I’m Yuna, Yuna Lawson. When we were in university, you gave a speech during Mr. Quigley’s lecture to great applause.

I was there too.” Thea thought about it. She seemed to recall a similar incident. However, she did not know who Yuna was. “D-did you send me an invitation? The chairman of Longevity Pharmaceuticals, Yuna Lawson?” “Yes. Yuna took Thea’s hand. “I’ve heard all about what happened. I’ll get rid of the salesperson who insulted you earlier. You’re here to shop, aren’t you? Come on, let’s go to the second floor. I’ll help you pick out a few pieces.” Thea was shocked. What was going on? Why was the chairman of Longevity Pharmaceuticals being so nice to her? It was as if they were best friends. She glanced at James. James smiled. “Go on.” After getting permission, Thea nodded. With Yuna in the lead, they went to the second floor The second floor was full of luxury items. The prices here were much higher than those on the first floor. They were all dresses worth more than a hundred thousand dollars each. All of them were striking and captivating.

As Thea had studied fashion design, her eyes lit up at the sight of these beautiful dresses. However, she did not lose her senses. Looking at the beautiful, elegant Yuna next to her, she could not refrain from asking, “M-Ms. Lawson, we don’t know each other. Why did you send me an invitation? Why are you being so nice to me? Tell me. Who put you up to this?” Yuna smiled. It seemed like Thea did not know James’ true identity. If Thea did not know, Yuna was not going to expose him. “Why all the questions? I’ve always admired you. You’re a genius, having dabbled in so many things.” Thea asked again, “Is it James? What about the man in the ghost mask?” of all the people she knew, only two of them had the power to do so. However, she was not sure who it was. She had always suspected James. However, it was just a suspicion.

“The man in the mask?” Yuna paused to think for a while before recalling the man in the ghost mask that had caused trouble previously Furthermore, she had heard that the man in the ghost mask saved Thea and killed Trent at the Xaviers’ auction. She thought about the time the Blithe King covered for James at Ella Corporation. She guessed at a few things then. The man in the ghost mask was the Black Dragon, hence James, Otherwise, after so much trouble, why did the Blithe king wait till he had assumed his new role before executing a man in a mask? The Blithe King must have been cleaning up James’ messes. To reduce the rumors, he had found a scapegoat. Yuna smiled, thinking about it. What was the Black Dragon trying to do? “Thea, don’t you know who the man in the ghost mask is?” “H-how would I know?” Yuna whispered, “He’s the one you saved from the fire at the Cadens’ ten years ago. Now, he’s a powerful man. You know about The Great Four, don’t you? He’s back for revenge.” “What? Thea was shocked. The person she saved ten years ago? She knew that she had saved someone at the Cadens’ villa. As for who she saved, she did not know. Whatever happened between the Cadens and The Great Four was a mystery to her. “Wh-who is he? Is… is it James?” Thea thought about the fact that James’ surname was Caden as well, and she connected the dots. Yuna smacked Thea on the head. “You’re overthinking it. Your husband James is a nobody. How could he be so powerful?”

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