The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 117

Chapter 117 “Hmm?” James frowned. Yuna smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure Thea gets home safely.”

James looked at Thea.

Thea did not know why Yuna was being so friendly either. Was it because of the man in the ghost mask?

She wanted to learn more about the person she saved ten years ago to figure out who had saved her from Trent.

She thought about it and said, “Jamie, why don’t you go home? I’ll go shopping with Ms. Lawson.”

Since Thea agreed, James relented, nodding. “Okay. Be careful. Give me a call if there’s anything.” Yuna grabbed Thea and started walking away.

As they left, Yuna siniled at James, lifting a slim hand and waving at him.

James did not think much about it. With Yuna around, Thea would be okay.

He left the boutique as well. After Thea entered Yuna’s race car, he left on his electric motorcycle.

However, he did not go home.

He went to Common Clinic instead.

When he arrived, the door was closed. He took his key out and entered, closing the door behind him. He took a nap in the back room.

It was only during the evening that Henry and Black Rose, Scarlett, returned. James heard noises and woke up, emerging from the back room.

“Ah, James, you’re here too?” Scarlett was slightly surprised to see James,


James gave a monosyllabic answer and asked, “How are things going?”

Henry smiled. “It only took us an afternoon to get things done. Now the city’s trade center is under your name. You can start looking for investors.”

Got it.”

James sat down and lit a cigarette that was on the table.

“Oh yeah, did any of The Great Four drop by Cadens’ cemetery?”

Henry shook his head. “I had men watch the place. None of them showed up.”

James’ expression darkened.

James…” Henry was unsure if he should speak.


After hesitating for a while, Henry said, “According to the latest intel, there were other people present at the Cadens’ besides The Great Four.”


James slammed a hand onto the table. The wooden table broke apart into pieces.

Scarlett shuddered.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Henry looked apologetic. “I’m sorry, James. I was careless. I was so focused on The Great Four I overlooked some details.”

Darkly, James asked, “Who else was there?”

Immediately, Henry said, “We know the Great Four were there for sure, but the rest are in the dark. They never revealed themselves. Let’s just say that ten years ago, it wasn’t just The Great Four who conspired against the Cadens. The underworld of Cansington was involved as well, and there’s a mastermind behind it all.”

James knew there was a mastermind all along,

Whoever had Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge was the mastermind.

“Who else was there?”

Henry said, “James, all our power and resources are at the Southern Plains. Now that the Blithe King is the commander-in-chief, I don’t have the authority to access Cansington’s intelligence network I’m unable to find out who was involved.”

“The Blithe King.”

James thought about it before waving a hand and saying, “Keep this out of the Blithe King’s hands.”

“If so, there’s only one person who can help us.”

James asked, “Who?”

Henry said, “Jake Graham, known as the Boss. He trades in information. Apparently, he knows everything there is. His sources stretch far and wide, not limited to Cansington. Furthermore, his underground intelligence network can access information even some officials can’t access.”

“Get in touch with Jake. I want to know who else was involved in eradicating the Cadens ten years ago besides The Great Four.” “I’m on it.”

James leaned back on a chair, inhaling deeply.

He did not expect that whatever happened ten years ago would be so complicated.

However, it did not matter who they were. As long as they were involved, they only had one end.

It was death

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