The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 123

Chapter 123 Before the man in the black vest could react, he felt a searing pain on his wrist. The pain was so excruciating that he dropped his pistol.

James rolled underneath the table and instantly appeared before the man in the black vest. He kicked the man and sent him flying. Then, he picked up the pistol on the ground.

All this happened in a split second.

Before Jake could even react, his man was sent flying, and a pistol was pressed against his head.

Upon hearing the commotion, the mercenaries returned and pointed their firearms at James.

Even with a firearm pressed against his head, Jake did not panic in the slightest. Composed, he calmly asked, “Do you know where you currently are? Do you seriously think you can get out of here alive after killing me?”

“Ten dollars. Deal?”

James pressed the pistol against Jake’s head with a mischievous grin on his face. “It’s better for you to make your men leave. Otherwise, a single movement of my finger and your brains will be blown out.”

At that moment, the man in the black vest who was sent flying earlier got up. “B*stard! How dare you?!” He sputtered.

Jake lightly waved. Upon seeing this, the man in the black vest quieted down.

Unfazed, Jake sat on the sofa, looking composed. He asked, “Who are you exactly?” “Henry, tell him who I am.” Henry seated himself.

Scarlett was scared out of her wits. However, upon seeing Henry sit, she followed suit. Henry laughed. “Jake, I’d advise against that. You might be scared sh*tless once you find out who he is.”

“Is that so?” Jake smiled dismissively. “Tell me about it. I’ve been meeting some powerful people. I’m curious to know how powerful a man needs to be for me to be scared sh*tless.” Henry uttered word by word, “The man before you is the Black Dragon, the commander-in chief of the million-strong Black Dragon army of the Southern Plains and one of the Five Commanders of Sol.” Upon hearing this, the dozen or so fully-armed mercenaries shivered. They swiftly retreated backward and dropped their firearms. They collapsed to the ground, trembling

How could they not have heard of the Black Dragon?

He was the world-renowned Ares.

Jake was shivering too. His composed face was now beaded with sweat.

James tossed the weapon in his hand to the man in the black vest and seated himself beside

Henry. He lit another cigarette.

As for the mercenaries kneeling behind him, he could not care less about them.

Jake wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He did not doubt James’ identity.

From the moment he saw how composed James had been with a firearm pressed against his head, he knew he was no ordinary man.

Moreover, James had also managed to subdue his man in an instant. Jake was utterly convinced of James’ identity. “T-To think I have the honor of welcoming the Black Dragon…” Jake spoke. However, he had lost his composure and was trembling all over. If he had not been sitting on the sofa, he would be lying on the floor by now, paralyzed.

“Should we proceed with our deal now?”

“B-But of course.” Jake immediately instructed, “Go, quick! Bring all information concerning the fire in the Cadens’ residence ten years ago.”

“Yes, Boss.”

The man in the vest nodded and turned to leave

He barely made it a few steps before toppling over.

He tried getting up, but his legs felt like jelly, and he collapsed to the ground. He tumbled and staggered to the database to retrieve information concerning the fire in the Cadens’ residence ten years ago.

Now that the tides had turned, Scarlett was relieved.

As expected of the Black Dragon, he was composed throughout the ordeal.

As expected of the Black Dragon, he had managed to subdue Jake’s man with a single cigarette bud.

She was in awe of James’ strength.

At long last, she had witnessed the true abilities of the most powerful man in the world.

James was silent.

Yet, opposite him, Jake was restless.

The atmosphere felt strange and abnormal. After about five minutes, Jake could no longer hold it in.

It was because James exuded an aura too powerful for him to withstand. His body slowly shrank from the sofa. Soon, he was kneeling on the floor, begging, “G-General, please spare my life.”

James glanced at him and said indifferently, “What are you doing? Get up and talk. Pray that the information you provide will be useful to me. Or else, the man by the name of Jake Graham will no longer exist.”

Jake felt a chill down his spine. He trembled and collapsed to the floor. Then, he got up and

kneeled, all while kowtowing. “General, have mercy on me!”

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