The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Henry did not know where James learned his medical skills.

However, he had also acquired some medical skills from James.

Meanwhile, James entered the hospital and went to Rowena’s ward.

James had slashed Rowena’s face, and her wrist was cut off.

Although her wrist was reattached, she was not discharged from the hospital yet and was still hospitalized

She had been living miserably ever since she learned the identity of the ghost-masked man. The days went by slowly, and every day was spent in anxiety and unease. She was almost at the point of reaching a mental breakdown.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

The sound of leather shoes treaded on the hospital corridor in the dead of night. James arrived at Rowena’s ward, pushed open the door, and walked inside. “Who! Who…”

Rowena was at her breaking point and had been haunted by countless nightmares for the past few days.

She heard the sound and sensed someone intruding her wardroom. She hurriedly tugged her quilt and frantically backed herself into the corner. She looked at the door vigilantly with fear on her face.

James turned on the lights. The dark wardroom was immediately illuminated.

Rowena’s body trembled in fear upon seeing James and almost fell off the bed.

James approached, pulled over a chair, and sat beside the bed. He glanced at Rowena, who was frightened as if she had seen a devil.

“Co-commander…” 1

Rowena parted her lips but stuttered on her words as her jaw trembled.

“Don’t be so nervous. I’m not here to kill you. It’s not the time yet. I have some questions I’d like to ask you.”

“G-go ahead.”

Rowena’s body shivered as if she had seen a ghost. She completely covered herself, only revealing her head, and tightly clenched her quilt.

“Ten years ago, who else went to the Cadens’ villa other than the Great Four? “I-I don’t know.” “What?”

James’ face darkened.

Rowena felt as if the temperature in the room had suddenly dropped as a coldness swept over her, making goosebumps form all over her body. “You don’t know?

“1-1 really don’t know!” Rowena cried out in fear.

At that moment, she no longer had the demeanor of a strong woman and was like a little girl crying out after being intimidated.

“I really don’t know who was there! E-everything was arranged by Trent!”

“Did Trent ever mention to you who he gave the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge to in the


“N-never! He never told me anything about it. However…when my father died, he came back instantly and headed to the Capital. After that trip, he learned that Thea had saved a person from the fire at the Cadens villa ten years ago, so he interrogated her about the survivor’s identity.”

James was furious that he could not obtain any useful information.

He clenched his fists.

Rowena sensed a murderous aura coming from him.

At that moment, she knew it was the end for her.

Yet she was relieved.

Her suffering would come to an end after dying.

She closed her eyes and waited for her fate.

However, James did not make a move.

He loosened his clenched fists and got up to leave.

“Rowena, your one month is almost up. Find out who has the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge as soon as possible. Also, don’t think about taking your own life. Otherwise, the hundreds of people in the Xaviers will be buried with you.”

James left

Rowena was still overwhelmed by the fear.

A few moments later, she seemed to have gone insane as she constantly slapped and cursed at herself.

“Rowena, why did you have to do it? Why did you have to touch the Cadens? You deserve it! Trent, you’ve led the family into the flames of hell. How could you go first and leave the Xaviers behind to suffer?”

Her cries echoed in the ward.

She wailed and bawled out in pain.

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