The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 130

Chapter 130

Thea was gorgeous and had a more glamorous charisma than the celebrities on television. She definitely qualified to be married into a wealthy family.

How could she stay married to someone like James, who was a homemaker?

Gladys had heard that those attending Yuna’s birthday party were all prominent figures.

The majority of them were company bosses.

With Thea’s current beauty, she was sure to capture the attention of super-wealthy men.

Gladys pulled Thea aside and whispered, “Thea, the people going to the Cansington Hotel today are very rich. I heard the owner of Gourmand, Mr. Grayson, will also attend. This is your chance. Make sure to find a chance to hook up with him.”

“Mom…what’re you talking about? I already have a husband. How can I do such a shameless thing?”

“Him?” Gladys glanced at James standing beside them.

“James, you’re not going anywhere today, so just stay home,” she said in a commanding tone.

In her opinion, James would be an embarrassment to Thea if he accompanied her to the birthday party.

“Mom… Why are you doing this?” Thea said, dissatisfied.

She thought her mother had turned over a new leaf and was no longer power-hungry or greedy for money.

It only took her a day or two for her to revert back to her original self.

“Thea, I’m doing it for your own good. Look at yourself and how glamorous you are. Now, look at James. How can he ever be worthy of you? Can he buy you beautiful clothes and jewelry?”

Gladys initially did not want to interfere in their love affairs, but she felt that James was really unworthy of Thea.

Thea wanted to say that James had money, but when the words came to the tip of her tongue, she swallowed them back. She said furiously, “I won’t go if James isn’t going.”


“Why won’t you take my advice? Mom is doing it for your own good,” Gladys reprimanded her angrily. “I know best about what I want.” “Ha! Just wait. You’ll surely regret it.” Gladys was discontented. “Let’s go, honey.”

Thea ignored Gladys and pulled James outside. “Honey, I’m sorry about my mom acting like that. Don’t take it to heart. I’m your wife no matter what I look like, Thea apologized after leaving the house.


James nodded and was not really bothered by it.

The two headed out together.

With his usual electric motorcycle, James drove Thea to Cansington Hotel.

Thea’s dress was relatively long, so she had to hold onto her dress while sitting behind and with her arms wrapped around James.

The sight of them caught the attention of many passersby. “Who is that?” “I’m not seeing this wrong, right? “Which celebrity is she? How can she be so beautiful?”

“Her clothes seem very expensive. How can she be riding an electric motorcycle?”

People who saw them were discussing and some even took out their phones to take pictures of the two, uploading them to their social media,

James did not care about the people talking about them.

After about half an hour, they arrived at the Cansington Hotel’s entrance.

Countless luxurious cars were parked outside the entrance.

Prominent figures began to pour into the hotel.

At the same time, a beautiful figure stood at the entrance.

She was the day’s primary focus and chairman of Longevity Pharmaceutical, Yuna.

Yuna stood at the door and kept looking around. However, after waiting for a long time, she did not see James show up. Many influential entered one after another, and she greeted them symbolically.

Soon, an electric motorcycle approached.

The person driving the motorcycle was a man in his thirties. He had a very average appearance and was dressed in ordinary clothes. In a crowd, he belonged to the category of people who would not attract anyone’s attention.

However, the person riding behind him attracted the attention of plenty of people.



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