The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 131

Chapter 131

Many eyes turtied to lamies did thes, who arrived on a motorcycle “Isn’t that the “Yeah, it’s thea from the Callahans She’d been locked out from ihelamily by Lex”

“Why is Thea coming to Yuna’s birthday banquet?”

“I heard that Yuna invited Thea’s wholeclass.”

“It’s rumored that the main reason she invited the whole class was for Luik Bertradio attend “Do you mean the son of Abundant Pharmaceuticals’ chairman? Charles’ son, Luke? “Yeah, Luke has been pursuing Yuna for a very long time”

“Oh, so that’s the case? Still, why is James here too?”

Everyone began to speculate upon the arrival of James arid The Suddenly, a Lamborghini showed up and stopped precisely in the parking A handsome inan dressed in a white suit poimut of the car “Speak of the devil, here comes Luke”

Hotel entrance

Yuna was still waiting for James to show up Seeing him arrive with Thea on an electric motorcycle outside the hotel, she immediately rushed to the She wore a black low-cut dress and had brunette wavy hair She radiated the beauty of an urban mature woman Luke approached and coincidentally saw Yuna walking out of the hotel Heimmediately misunderstood, thinking she was coming to greet him specifically. He was tlaltered and a smile formed on his handsome face as he hurriedly si roche laward her “‘Yuna, I’m honored that you’ve come to pick me up in person.”

Yuna frowned and glanced at Luke.

“It seens that Yuna was waiting for Luke”

“Of course! Thea’s class received an invitation from Yuna because of Luke”

The conjecture suddenly convinced the crowd. Luke felt content after hearing the discussion surrounding him. He proudly thought that Yuna was finally touched by his pursuit and was about to agree to be his girlfriend during the birthday banquet. He confidently approached and wanted to embrace Yuna Suddenly, Tannes parked his motorcycle and walked over while holding Thea’s hands “Yuna.

Thea greeted Yuna very friendly She went shopping with Yuna the whole afternoon yesterday and they had already become good friends Yuna walked past Luke and approached Thea. She complimented her. “I told you the dress suits you, Thea! You look stunning! Your figure and face are making ine envious! I’on about to fall head over heels for you. What do I do?”


Luke’s eyes lit up as he glanced at Thea, whose beauty was not inferior to Yuna and was even considered above her.

He was familiar with Thea and heard that her face was healed.

However, during this period, all his attention was focused on Yuna, so he could not be bothered by the rumors spread around He was astonished by her beauty after seeing her in person.

He walked over and greeted her affectionately. “Do you remember me, Thea? It’s Luke Bertrand. The class monitor, Luke.”

“Oh, Luke. Hello.” Thea immediately reached out to shake hands with Luke James reached out and grabbed her hand,

Luke’s hands were already stretched out, but James pulled Thea’s hand back. He could not help but glance at James with his brows raised “You are?”

Thea introduced him enthusiastically. “This is my husband, James.”


Luke glanced at fames and scanned him head to toe There was nothing special about him, and he sneered, “So this is James, the infamous son-in law that married into your family? The useless guy who used some connections to borrow a car to put on a show in the military region? I heard that the authorities above are furious about it. Soon, he’ll be punished and unfortunately, he’ll have to spend the rest of his life in prison, right?” Thea had heard of the rumors before but never knew the severity of it. “What? Is it that serious?”

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