The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 132

Chapter 132 “Yeah. The consequences are going to be very senous I heard that the car unes borrowed belonged to a certain prominent figure when he returns to the city. James, the driver, and James’ senjor will all be sued in the military court”

“What?” Thea was frightened

She could not help but grip harder on James’ hand Yuna glanced at Luke and sneered in her heart “Put the Black Dragoni on trial?

‘Who has the courage to do so? James and Thea’s appearance caused a sudden uproar The Callahans were the laughing stock of Cansington Lex made a fake invitation to attend the succession ceremony of the Blithe King. while James borrowed a car to pretend to be someone influential “James, you better not implicate Thea for the crime you committed Get a divorce from her You’re not worthy of her at all.” Luke mocked James He had a plan in mind Dating Yuna would not affect him developing a secret relationship with Thea “Honey, what should we do?” Thea was concerned She lonew it would be troublesome if the higher authorities investigated James “Don’t worry It’ll be alright I won’t drag you down with me if something really happens,” James took her hand and reassured her. “Alright, that’s enough. Let’s go inside ” Yuna took Thea’s hand and personally led her inside the hotel.

+ Yuna…” Luke chased after them.

Yuna had booked the entire eighth floor for her birthday banquet After arriving on the eighth floor, James went to the lounge and sat on a sola Then, he took out his phone to play Plants vs. Zombies.

Meanwhile, Thea was dragged away by Yuna Yuna introduced some friends in her social circle to Thea These people were all daughters of wealthy families, imany of whom were from the Capital After James arrived, Thea’s classmates came one after another Everyone thought they had received an invitation because of their class inonitor, Luke.

None of them were acquainted with Yuna, so they dared not greet her.

However, they kapw Luke very well and began to surround him

“Luke, I’ve recently lost my job. Can you introduce me to a job in your family business, Abundant Pharmaceuticals? Any normal position will do.”

“Thea is so beautiful now, and her charisma is nothing less than Yuna. Luke, I think you can definitely win her over. While dating Yuna, you could form a secret relationship with Thea…”

“Luke, you’re a really influential figure! We were invited to such a high-class event because of you. This is Cansington Hotel, where a table costs about two hundred thousand dollars, right?

“Luke, you haven’t confessed to Yuna yet, right? This is a great chance!”

His classmates surrounded Luke and constantly showered him with flattery.

Luke really loved the compliments thrown at him.

At that moment, their words got to his head.

He genuinely believed that Yuna invited the entire class to her birthday banquet because of him and felt compelled to confess.

Luke pictured Yuna’s expression while agreeing to his confession with a diamond ring He got excited just by thinking about it.

“Go and confess, Luke!”

With the prompting of so many people, Luke’s self-confidence also exploded. His eyes swept across the crowd and found Yuna gathered with some women, chatting and laughing He took out the diamond ring he had prepared a long time ago and walked to her under everyone’s gazes.

He stood in front of Yuna.


Yuna looked at Luke, who was approaching her.

Luke was dressed in a white suit. He had very good skin and prominent facial features. His hair was also styled very neatly, and he was very charismatic, just like a celebrity on television.

Luke knelt on one kniee under the crowd’s gazes.

“Yuna, ever since I laid my eyes on you, your face had been deeply imprinted in my mind. I dream of you every night. I’ll have the whole world if I have you. Without you, I’ll lose the whole world. I know that you love me too. Right now, I want to confess my love to you officially. Yuna, will you be my girlfriend?”


“How romantic.”

“I wish I was Yuna.”

“Wow, that’s so romantic! When will my prince charming show up?”

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