The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 134

Chapter 134

Luke confessed to Yuna but was refused decisively, belittled as nothing.

Additionally, she even said that she liked James.

Her words came as a surprise to everyone.

All eyes were on James In a high-class event, he dressed very ordinarily in simple clothing and was out of place with those around him.

All the women who attended the birthday banquet were in glamorous dresses,

Meanwhile, all the men were in colored suits and ties,

Yet, James…

He wore a simple black t-shirt and was absorbed in his game, Plants vs. Zombies. Suddenly, a large number of zombies poured into his garden and devoured his pea weapon.


“I lost!” James suddenly exclaimed with disappointment. Everyone’s eyes were fixed on him, and his shouts stunned the crowd. Sensing people’s gazes, James raised his head and was taken aback when he saw hundreds of people staring at him. He scratched his head and was puzzled by the situation. Raising his phone, he checked whether something was on his face. “I don’t see anything,” he muttered. Luke, still kneeling, looked at James, and anger began to boil in his heart. Yuna chuckled and said, “You can pursue me when you become a man like James. You’re not qualified now, Luke.” After saying that, Yuna glanced at Thea mischievously. “Thea, you’re the one who said you’ll give him to me! Since that’s the case, I won’t hold back.” Yuna approached James under the crowd’s gazes. She stretched out her slender hands and said with a charming smile, “Mr. Caden, may I invite you to a dance?” The scene shocked everyone present.

Who was Yuna?

She was from the Lawsons of the Capital and the executive chairman of Longevity Pharniaceuticals in Cansington. She was a goddess, an heiress of a wealthy family.

A goddess like her was inviting the Callahans’ live-in-son-in-law to a dance?

Everyone was dumbfounded and could not believe the scene before them, thinking they were hallucinating

‘What’s happening?’ James was also stunned. Luke finally stood up from the floor and approached them with dissatisfaction. “Yuna, even if you don’t like me or aren’t willing to accept me, you don’t have to use such trash as an excuse to insult me.”

From Luke’s point of view, Yuna said she liked James and invited him to dance because she needed a shield to reject him.

“At least look for someone decent. Someone like the Gourmand’s owner, Mr. Grayson instead of him…”

Luke glared at James, who was sitting on the sofa, and said contemptuously, “You’re saying he’s calm during such a big occasion? I beg to differ. It’s probably because he knows his status and what kind of event he is at right now. Plus, he doesn’t know anyone, so who is he going to talk to? Of course he can only sit here and play with his phone.”

Luke’s voice resonated.

It immediately dawned on the stunned onlookers.

“No wonder!”

“I knew it was impossible for the executive chairman of Longevity Pharmaceuticals to say she likes the live-in son-in-law, James. She’s just using him as an excuse to reject Luke.” Thea approached, knowing that Yuna wanted to use James as a shield. Yuna had accompanied her shopping yesterday and even helped pick out her outfit. Thus, Thea developed a liking for Yuna.

Since Yuna disliked Luke and wanted to use James as an excuse, Thea also blinked her shiny eyes at James.

“What’re you waiting for, James? Ms. Lawson is asking for a dance,” said Thea. “Darling, …”

“Who’re you calling darling? I’ve already given you to Ms. Lawson.” Thea smiled mischievously.

“Am I an object to give away to others?’ James was put on the spot. “Mr. Caden…”

Yuna glanced at James with a touch of expectation on her mesmerizing face and said, “It’s my twenty-fifth birthday today. Will you honor me with this dance?”

James glanced loward Thea as if asking for her opinion.

“It’s a pleasure that Ms. Lawson wants to have the dance with you. Go ahead,” Thea said as she pulled James up from the sofa and handed his hand to Yuna.

Yuna’s hands were smooth and delicate.

As for James, he still had not grasped the situation.

“Darling, I…” “It’s alright. Go on. I won’t get jealous.” Thea pushed James.

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