The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Not only was Thea not jealous but she was also delighted. This woman was the executive chairman of Longevity Pharmaceuticals, Yuna. Even if James was just an excuse to reject Luke, it was still an honor for James.

Plus, James was her husband, so she felt proud.

Meanwhile, James was led to the dance floor by Yuna,

Music began to play.

Yuna stretched out her slender hands. One was placed on James’ shoulder, and the other wrapped around his waist. Her whole body was almost leaning right into him.

On the other hand, James was stiff all over.

He was slightly nervous at that moment.

Yuna was beautiful, and her facial features were astonishing. She had fair skin and a pleasant scent on her.

His heart thumped rapidly as she leaned her whole body into him.

Even in the face of thousands of enemy troops, he had never been so nervous. Now, in front of a woman, he was actually…

Yuna leaned her head on James’ shoulder, embraced him, and almost completely put her weight on him.

Her body swayed as the music played.

This scene made everyone mad and envious of James. Even Thea could not help but feel a little jealousy.

Soon, the music ended.

Yuna knew her boundaries and immediately brought James back to Thea. Placing James’ hand back into Thea’s hand, she said, “Thanks, Thea.” 1

“You’re welcome.” Thea was flattered.

Luke’s face, however, was not so bright. He confidently confessed but not only did he get rejected publicly, Yuna even danced with a piece of trash to insult him.

Luke was not the only one who thought so, as everyone present had the same thought, Everyone thought that Yuna invited James to a dance to reject Luke and show him that she would rather dance with a piece of trash than with him. She wanted Luke to give up the idea altogether.

Lounge, on the sofa.

James glanced innocently at Thea, confused.

“What was that about, Thea?”

Thea flicked James’ forehead and explained, “Don’t think that Yuna’s really interested in you. She needed you as an excuse to reject Luke’s confession.’

“Is that so?” James immediately understood.

He glanced around and met with a lot of unfriendly gazes. Those glaring at him were all Yuna’s suitors. Yuna was their goddess, but she invited a piece of trash to dance with her, and all of them hated James.

Among them, Luke was the most dissatisfied.

He clenched his fists tightly, and veins bulged on his face. Luke’s classmates witnessed him being rejected and were in a very bad mood, so they did not dare to continue flattering him.

In the face of the unfriendly looks around him, James smiled disdainfully.

At another lounge area not far away.

Yuna sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, revealing her long and slender legs. Her eyes were fixed on James, and her eyes had an unconcealed admiration.

That man was the Black Dragon.

She had heard a lot about the Black Dragon when she was in the Capital.

The Black Dragon had always been her idol, and she never expected to meet him personally in Cansington. She met and danced with the Black Dragon, one of the Five Commanders. However, he seemed a little shy. Yuna recalled James’ stiff body during their dance, and a charming smile broke out on her beautiful face. The farce did not affect the birthday celebration. It was only nine in the morning, and many bigwigs had not shown up yet. As time passed, more and more people attended to celebrate Yuna’s birthday. Even the Callahans showed up. A few days ago, the Callahans had lost face and became the laughing stock of Cansington. They had kept a low profile ever since. However, after receiving a birthday invitation from Yuna, the Callahans felt a sense of Importance and thought they were indeed a part of the upper class. They received an invitation from the executive chairman of Longevity Pharmaceuticals. Wasn’t this precisely what a wealthy family was?

Lex entered with his son, Howard, his grandson, Tommy, his granddaughter, Megan, and his grandson-in-law, Colson In his hand, he held a dragon cane.

The cane made contact with the ground and produced a rattling sound, attracting everyone’s attention.

Everyone was astonished when they saw the person was Lex.

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