The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 137

Chapter 137 However, the more they denied it, the wilder the rumors that spread outside.

Lex noticed the countless eyes watching them and felt embarrassed because even he thought Thea was sleeping with Alex. Despite thea being the reason the Celestial Group agreed to cooperate with the Callahans, Lex cared more about his name.

“You-you have no shame!” Lex’s face darkened. “Grandpa, i-it’s not like that!” “Then, explain where you got the money to buy the outfit if it wasn’t because you slept with Alex?” Tommy stood up and shouted. “T-1…” Thea felt so wronged and was on the verge of tears She never slept with Alex,

However, she did not know how to explain the situation.

The money came from James, but she did not know where he got it from, and if she told them, there might be grave consequences. It was possible that James would have to go to jail.

James, concentrating on his game in the corner, heard the commotion. He stood up and realized it was the Callahans.

He hurriedly walked over, saw tears in Thea’s eyes, and asked, “What happened, Thea?” Tommy sneered, “You don’t even know your wife slept with another man again? She’s wearing branded clothes that cost more than hundreds of thousands. Tsk, tsk! The chairman of Celestial Group sure is generous!”

James’ face darkened.

Sensing that James was about to launch at Tommy, Thea immediately grabbed him in time and said, “Let’s just go, James.”

She was unsure how to explain herself and refused to embarrass herself by staying any longer. Many people gathered around them and began to mock her. “Why isn’t Thea explaining herself?”

“The rumors must be true. She definitely slept with Alex more than once.”

“That’s why she can’t explain herself.” “Well, she’s a beauty, so it’s no surprise Alex would be attracted to her.”

The unpleasant chatter surrounded them, and Lex was embarrassed.

Thump! Tex slammed his hands on the table and abruptly stood up. He reprimanded her saying, “Thea, how can you be so shameless? You’re such an einbarrassnient to the Callahans.”

Thea did not explain that she wronged and immediately dragged James, wanting to flee the scene.

Unexpectedly, James stood firmly, and she could not pull him away. James looked at those surrounding them and coldly demanded, “Those who gossiped about Thea just now, move forward and get on your knees to repent for your actions. Otherwise, don’t blame me for the consequences.”

“Haha!” Tommy was the first to burst out laughing.

“Who are you kidding, James? What consequences? Who do you think you are, the Blithe King? Why don’t you go ahead and show me the consequences?” “Pfft! You’re so shameless! You even framed my husband, saying that we got an invitation from the Blithe King because of you. It’s obvious that my husband was the reason we got invited. Our admission was denied because the authorities were unhappy with us being too high-profile and setting off firecrackers outside the military region. You sure know how to steal credit,” Megan also sneered condescendingly.

“Come forward, kneel and apologize.” James wore a terrifying expression as he glanced at everyone.

“Haha, I would love to see what you can do to me. I agree that thea slept with Alex. So, what are you going to do? It’s the truth. Am I not allowed to tell the truth?” Luke stepped forward and fueled the fire.

“Who’s spouting nonsense?!” A stern voice resonated.

Then, a man in his fifties walked into the hall.

Everyone trembled as the man approached.


“Who was gossiping about Ms. Thea?”

Another voice sounded, and a handsome man followed behind Alex.

It was the owner of the Gourmand, Bryan from the Graysons of the Capital.

Those who said a word about Thea better come out to kneel and apologize. Otherwise…” Yuna also stood up and said coldly.

“How presumptuous! Who dares to spout such nonsense?!” Outside the door, another voice could be heard. Immediately, an older man in his bos appeared. Despite his wrinkled appearance, he walked in energetically, dressed in a black suit. “D-Dr. Fallon?” Everyone was shocked by the person approaching.

James also heard the uproar and looked over.

He subconsciously frowned.

‘How could Jake Graham be Dr. Fallon? The Jay Fallon that Thea had mentioned?”

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