The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 138

Chapter 138 Everyone at the banquet turned their heads toward the entrance. Three people walked inside the hall.

One was Alex, the chairman of Celestial Group.

Another was Bryan, the owner of the Gourmand The last older man was Jay, the president of the Doctors’ Association who had the title of genius doctor in Cansington. These three ranked at the top of the social pyramid in Cansington, Alex was the backbone of the Yates in the Capital. He could easily make the Great Four bankrupt with one word.

Bryan was a very low-profile person but had great influence. On the other hand, Jay was one of the most prominent figures. Cansington was the capital of medicine, and he was a genius doctor.

In this world, the richer one was, the more afraid of death they were The collective influence of the people present may not necessarily even reach Jay’s level. The three approached and became the center of attention. “Who was spouting such nonsense?” “Who bad-mouthed Thea?”

“Which one of you dared to run their mouths?” The trio walked forward and glanced across the room

The huge banquet fell into a dead silence instantly.

‘W-what’s happening?’

‘Why are these bigwigs standing up for Thea?’ Thea was also puzzled by their behavior. She understood Alex was helping her because James had saved him before. However, she had nothing to do with Bryan and Jay.

Seeing the presence of the trio, Luke’s anger was immediately extinguished. He subconsciously stepped back and hid in the crowd, afraid to say another word.

Under such circumstances, he no longer had the guts to speak. Alex alone was enough to get rid of the Xaviers. Although the Bertrands had more assets than the Great Four, Luke knew he could not afford to get on these three people’s bad sides.

The three approached Thea. Seeing tears well up in Thea’s eyes, Alex greeted her respectfully, “Ms. Thea.”

“Ms. Thea.” Bryan bowed slightly to greet her. Thump! The famous President of the Doctors’ Association, Jay Fallon, fell on his knees. His actions frightened Thea, and she subconsciously stepped backward. James hurriedly supported Thea and glared at Jay kneeling on the ground. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Who are you? What are you doing? You just scared my wife. How are you going to compensate me if something happens to her?”

The atmosphere was filled with dead silence.

Everyone’s eyes widened in shock This person was the President of the Doctors’ Association, the genius doctor, Jay. Rumors were that he only saw three patients a day, and the wealthy people who made appointments with him were all scheduled to see him three years later.

Why was the famous Jay kneeling to Thea?

The scene shocked everyone.

Hearing James’ words, Jay stood up abruptly and wiped the sweat on his forehead. He hurriedly apologized, saying, “I’m so sorry, Ms. Thea. My sudden actions scared you. I’m sorry. I’m incredibly sorry!”

Jay apologized repeatedly.

The Callahans were stunned by the scene What was going on? When did Thea gain so much authority? Why would these bigwigs act as if they had come in the presence of the Blithe king? “This is interesting,’James glanced at Jay. He never expected Dr. Fallon, whom Thea mentioned before, to be the boss of the underground intelligence network

Alex looked around the place.

His eyes swept across everyone one by one.

Those who met his gaze instinctively stepped back

“Keep talking! Why aren’t you guys talking anymore? Ms. Thea is so precious. How dare such lowly people insult her! Those who insulted her better step forward this instance!” “There is still room for forgiveness if you step forward, kneel down, and admit fault now. Otherwise…” Bryan glared at the people present with an indifferent expression and threatened them.

Many people were terrified. Bryan was true to his words. The whole Cansington would be turned upside down if he were to get mad.

“Who spoke ill of her? Step forward right now!” Jay did not dare to meet James’ gaze and frantically turned his eyes to the crowd.

Yuna frowned as she watched the three men’s behavior. ‘These three must already know James’ identity, so they’re desperate to shield Thea in order to please James.

‘How can I lose to them as the party host?’

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