The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 141

Chapter 141

Thea glanced at the puzzled and asked, “1-I don’t know you all. Why would you help me? Please explain it to them, or else the people will spread rumors about me again.” She was really worried.

Rumors about her would spread like wildfire if word of today’s incident spread.

They might even say that she had slept with all three of them.

The three of them were stunned by her words.

‘Explain? How are we supposed to explain?

“How are we supposed to explain that you have a very capable husband?’ The three of them did not dare to say a word. James had been in Cansington for a while but refused to reveal his identity. They would be digging their own grave if they were to expose him.

The hall fell silent for a moment.

All the guests present had their eyes on them. Everyone was curious about why these three prominent figures were respectful toward Thea.

James stood aside and glanced at them with a smile.

The expression looked like he was threatening them, saying, ‘You guys can wait to face my wrath if you dare to reveal my identity.’

The three of them were frightened to see James’ expression.

Yuna began to think hard. She knew that there had to be an explanation for the situation today.

Otherwise, the rumors outside would spread out of hand.

“Actually, it isn’t a big deal. Do you remember the person you saved ten years ago?” Yuna broke the silence.

“Yeah.” Thea nodded. “You told me the person I saved from the Cadens’ villa turned out to be the ghost-masked man that was shot by the Blithe King some time ago?”

“That’s right. They’re helping you because of him. They owe him a favor. Although he did not come to see you in person, he was secretly helping you from the shadows. With this, he has repaid you for your life-saving grace ten years ago. He said that he doesn’t owe you anything from now on.”

“B.but, wasn’t he shot by the Blithe King?” Thea was suspicious.

“Although he was strong, he was inferior to the Blithe King. He remembered you all his life and said that he owed you his life. Therefore, he requested that Alex and the others take care of you, and now he has completely repaid you for saving his life.”

Seeing how James remained silent, Bryan understood that meant he consented to what Yuna had suggested.

Immediately, he stood up and admitted, “That’s right, Thea. It’s why we were helping you. I’ve already helped him to repay you.” “He said he owed his life to you but did not have the chance to make it up to you. He would’ve personally repaid you if it wasn’t for the Blithe King’s succession. However, he no longer has the chance to do so as the Blithe King killed him.” Alex nodded and played along.

They agreed with one another.

Everyone immediately understood after hearing their conversation. They treated Thea with so much respect because of the person she saved ten years ago. The person that was taken out by the Blithe king was the one thea had rescued ten years ago. These prominent figures owed the ghost-masked man a favor, which was why they helped Thea

Now that the favor had been repaid, these prominent figures would no longer stand up for her in the future.

‘So that’s what happened.’ Lex, sitting on the sofa, trembled as he watched them. He thought Thea had earned herself such influence, and the Callahans were about to rise to prominence.. These people were simply paying back a favor. After repaying the favor, they would no longer have anything to do with Thea. Meanwhile, James glanced at Yuna.

He was now aware that Yuna had found out his identity and even knew that he was the one who killed the heads of the Great Four.

“Ms. Lawson…”

He smiled and glanced at Yuna. Yuna turned to meet the smile on James’ face. For some reason, she felt goosebumps rise all over her skin, and her whole body froze. She replied with an awkward smile, “J- James?” “Thank you,” said James. Although Yuna discovered his identity, she helped resolve the situation so that Thea could easily accept it, and it gave everyone an explanation. Otherwise, his identity might have been exposed.

He and Thea might have been over if she had discovered his identity.

His hands were covered in blood.

It was impossible for Thea to accept someone like him.

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