The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 142

Chapter 142 ‘It really is him.’

Thea had already predicted such an outcome.

However, she was slightly disappointed because the person she had saved from the Cadens’ villa and the ghost-masked man who saved her was executed by the Blithe King.

Unfortunately, she would never find out the identity of this person, nor would she have the chance ever to see the person who had been secretly helping her.

The news disheartened her.

At that moment, another big shot arrived.

The person was Charles, the executive chairman of Abundant Group.

He immediately spotted the crowd after entering the hall.

Seeing James, he felt his soul leave his body. His leg went rubbery and almost gave out.

He rushed over and greeted them, saying, “Mr. Caden, Ms. Thea.”


“Dad, these people made me kneel!” Luke’s confidence immediately returned when he saw Charles and he complained.

Under the previous pressure, he had no choice but to kneel, but now his father had arrived.

Although his family was not one of the Great Four, they were much stronger. It was only because the Bertrands did not care for such superficial titles.

The Bertrands were only second to the Celestial Group. The Bertrands’ existence was also one of the most well-known enterprises in Cansington.


Charles glanced at where Luke pointed his finger and saw Alex, Bryan, and Jay. “What happened?” he asked. “This disrespectful kid couldn’t control his mouth and insulted Thea,” said Alex. “WHAT?” Charles was furious when he heard the explanation. Luke thought Charles was angry to learn that he was forced to kneel to them. He arrogantly grumbled, “Dad, I only said a few words, but they made me kneel and slap myself. You have to avenge me!” “You incompetent!”

Charles swung his hand at Luke.

He slapped Luke with full force.

Luke inmediately fell to the ground.

Charles walked to him and continued to beat hini.

“Dad, stop! Stop it!” Luke begged for mercy. After beating Luke for a while, Charles walked up to Thea, knelt down, and pleaded, “Thea, I’m begging you to please forgive my incompetent son.” Thea immediately recognized his actions were due to the ghost-masked man.

‘The ghost-masked man is already dead, so why are these people still so afraid of him?’

Thea was confused.

Immediately, she supported Charles and helped him up. “Mr. Bertrand, you’re overreacting. It’s nothing serious. You should get up first.”

However, Charles was reluctant to stand up.

He had personally witnessed James in action and how he easily killed the heads of the Great Four.

There was also Rowena, who was tortured…

He was overwhelmed with fear as he recalled the scene.

“My wife is asking you to get up, so just get up. Why’re you being so stubborn?” James said with dissatisfaction.

James pretended that he was about to kick Charles. Charles hurriedly stood up in fear.

“I apologize for the unpleasant events that happened, everyone. Since the matter has been resolved, we shouldn’t continue such a tense atmosphere on my twenty-fifth birthday! Let’s enjoy the night and have fun! It’s such a rare occasion for so many prominent figures to be gathered together, so why don’t we get to know one another for greater business opportunities? Together, we will build a magnificent capital of medicine that will shock the whole world!”

The whole situation was under control after Yuna’s speech. After the incident, Thea became the center of everyone’s flattery.

They no longer mocked Thea and felt she made the right choice to save the sole survivor ten years ago.

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