The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 145

Chapter 145

Peter was already a dead man to James.

“What about Nine Fingers?” he asked calmly.

“He is also from the same era as Peter. He rose to the top around the eighties too. However, this person is much more ruthless than Peter. His real name is Greg Martin,” said Henry.

“When he was still a nobody in his earlier years, he offended someone, and one of his fingers was cut off.

“Therefore, he went by the nickname Nine Fingers when he reached the peak.

“Basically, he wanted people to know that he was the new sky of the underworld scene.

“He has plenty of businesses, but the primary one is loan sharking.”

Henry reported all the information he had inquired about honestly, “Additionally, the Great Four have united and contacted Peter and Greg.”

James’ face darkened after hearing the news.

“It will be the tenth death anniversary of my grandfather, my father, and the entire Cadens in eight days. Since no one carried out my request, just kill them all to pay respects to the deceased Cadens.”

James’ expression was furious, and his whole body exuded a terrifyingly cold aura. Scarlett was intimidated by his intense aura. It was like a big stone pressing on her chest, making it hard for her to breathe.

“What should I do next, James?”

Henry was already used to James’ intimidating temperament. He knew that plenty of people from the Great Four would die this time. James waved his hands and instructed, “We wait until the death anniversary of my grandfather to take action. Also, spread the message and say that those who participated in the demise of the Cadens should gather at the Cadens’cemetery to settle this matter once and for all.”

“Alright. I’ll notify some people from the underworld to spread the news.” Henry nodded and walked out. He pulled the phone and made a call.

Meanwhile, Scarlett, who sat opposite James, raised her head and looked at him.

“J-Jarnes, I’ve already bought the commercial city. What should I do next?” asked Scarlett.

“Do you need me to teach you how to build a financial center?”

Scarlett’s heart skipped a beat.

“I’m a grave robber. How would I know this kind of stuff?’

She bit down her lips and was unsure of what to say next.

James seemingly understood what was on her mind and said indifferently, “You’re the boss behind the scenes and won’t need to handle things in person. Why don’t you just hire someone if you don’t know what to do? There isn’t a shortage of talents these days…” Scarlett never expected James to predict what she was thinking. “Okay, I’ll follow up as soon as possible,” she immediately nodded and said. James did not leave and stayed in Common Clinic for the whole afternoon.

At the same time, a new rumor began to spread in Cansington. “Have you heard? Word is that the Candens’ villa was deliberately set on fire by someone.”


“I heard that the Great Four were the ones that led the scheme. Additionally, many prominent figures were involved. That includes Dawson, Nine Fingers, and Xander.”

“There’s a message that’s being widely spread asking those who participated in the scheme against the Cadens ten years ago to gather at the Cadens’ cemetery eight days later to settle it once and for all. That will fall on the fifteenth of August. “Warren and Trent Xavier were murdered. The other three heads of the Great Four were also murdered. It’s rumored that the person who escaped the fire in the Cadens’ villa ten years ago has returned to take revenge on them. “Who is this person? Didn’t the Blithe king already execute him?” “Who knows? Maybe someone is deliberately spreading fake news, or maybe it wasn’t just one person seeking revenge but a team? Only one got shot, and there might be more in hiding.” Henry spread the rumor, and it caused an uproar in Cansington The news had also reached the Great Four. At the same time, Dawson and Nine Fingers also heard the message.

Cansington outskirts, villa. Many people were gathered. Not only were the Great Four’s current heads present, but many people from the underworld also showed up.

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