The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 147

Chapter 147 James’ face was filled with rage. “You guys want to play? Fine, I’ll play with you guys and make sure you have a fun game. “Ask the Blithe King to come and see me at Common Clinic,” James ordered furiously.

Henry glanced at James. He wanted to say that the Blithe king was not James’ subordinate. However, he swallowed the words and simply walked aside. He took out his phone and called the Blithe King

“Blithe King? Yes, it’s me again. James has requested you come to Common Clinic to see him.”

The Blithe King had just arrived home from the military region. Yet before he could have a seat, he received a call from Henry

He furiously swung his leg and shattered the villa door.

“Tell James I don’t work for him. He doesn’t have the authority to order me around.” Henry heard the Blithe King growl and smash his door. Then, he turned around and glanced at James sitting behind him. “I advise you to come as soon as possible, Blithe King James is on the verge of going on a rampage right now. Cansington will turn into a battlefield like at the border of the Southern Plains if his anger is not extinguished immediately. The consequences are going to be severe. Are you sure you’ll be able to fix it by then?”


The Blithe King was furious. He was highly dissatisfied with James. However, he did not dare not to go.

He understood James’ temper very well. He made a name for himself in the battle about a year ago.

The Blithe king was afraid of not going. He smashed his phone furiously, turned around, and immediately ordered, “Prepare the car. I need to go to Common Clinic.”

“1-James, I think the Blithe king is really mad,” Henry reported cautiously after the phone call. James’ expression also eased up, and he replied with a smile, “Anyone would be mad if they were him. We’re of a similar rank, yet I’m ordering him around. It surely doesn’t feel good.”


Henry sat down.

He felt a little sympathetic toward the Blithe king.

The Blithe king was one of the Five Commanders. However, ever since he was transferred to Cansington, he had constantly been cleaning up James’ messes. Henry felt the urge to laugh after thinking about it. The Blithe King arrived very quickly and showed up at Common Clinic within 30 minutes. He walked inside with a furious expression. Henry immediately got up and gave up his seat. Then, he picked up a cigarette on the table and handed it to Blithe king with a smile. “Blithe king, our commander requested to see you not for anything important. He simply wanted to chat with you. Why do you have to show such an angry face?”

The Blithe king refused to take the cigarette and sat down quietly.

He looked at James sitting with his legs crossed and asked, “James, I mean, Black Dragon… What do you want?”

“As the Commander of the Five Armies, you’ve probably heard about the rumors being spread today.”

Of course, the Blithe King had heard of the rumors.

It was because he received a call from Henry after hearing about the rumors that made him furious.

“What exactly are you trying to do?”

The Blithe king stood up abruptly and roared. “Why’re you yelling? It isn’t anything important. Sit down, and we’ll talk,” James glanced at him and said indifferently. The Blithe king knew that it would not be something good if James wanted to see him.

He took a deep breath and sat down. James lit a cigarette and took a puff, then said calmly, “It’s not a big deal. I just need a hundred thousand soldiers deployed eight days later.” “Impossible!” “I’m warning you, James. This is Cansington, not the Southern Plains! Do you know what an uproar it’ll cause if a hundred thousand soldiers are deployed?”


“I’m here!” “Pass on a military order for me. I need five hundred thousand soldiers from the Southern Plains!”


Hearing him, the Blithe king was terrified and immediately compromised. “James, I’m begging you. Stop torturing me. Alright, you need a hundred thousand soldiers? Fine, I’ll deploy them for you. However… you need to promise me that there can’t be any deaths! I’ll treat this as a drill for the military!”

“Don’t worry. Not that many people will be killed. Probably, a dozen at most,” James said with a smile.

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