The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Thea sat in front of her computer and designed clothes.

James did not understand the designing process and did not want to disturb her. He went to get his mat and spread it out on the ground.

He glanced at Thea, who was seriously designing, and a smile that even he did not notice formed on his face.

The next day.

David’s car that got into the accident has been taken to the automobile center to be repaired and was already fixed. Today, he was going to pick up the car and finish some follow-up procedures, including registering insurance and so on. Gladys and the whole family were naturally going to follow him. Before leaving, Gladys asked, “James, can you drive?” James nodded. “Yeah.”

Gladys threw him a car key and instructed him, saying, “Xara will be coming back today. You take David’s Hondai to pick her up.”

James scratched his head, “Who’s Xara?”

“Xara is my cousin. She just graduated from college and finished her practice in the field. She’s planning to come back to further her career in Cansington,” Thea explained.

She took out a picture and handed it to James.

“This is Xara. I’ve already called her and sent her your photo. She’ll be arriving around eleven in the morning. Don’t forget. I’ll send you her number later.”

“What’re you doing today?” asked James.

“‘Yuna said that she’ll be signing a contract in the commercial city today and wants me to come along to look around. I want to follow her and learn some stuff,” said Thea.

“Alright,” James replied.

He would be more relieved if it was Yuna.

Yuna knew his identity. Thus, he would definitely be respectful and might try to curry favor with Thea.

The family left

James did not head out in a hurry because it was still early. He washed up and lazily headed to the parking lot. Then, he got into David’s car and headed to the airport.

He arrived early at the airport and dozed off in the car.

One hour later.

A woman dressed in a casual white t-shirt and denim skirt walked out of the airport with her

suitcase while sucking a lollipop. She was in her early twenties. she had an oval face, long black hair, a curvy figure, and a pair of slender legs. She walked out of the airport and glanced around. Then, she took out her phone and dialed a number.

James was dozing off when his phone suddenly rang.

He pulled out his phone and found it was the number Thea had sent him. Immediately, he knew that Xara had arrived and answered the phone.

“Xara? Have you arrived?” “Yeah. Where are you, Jarnes? I don’t see you.” “I’m in the parking lot outside the airport. The car plate is CAN A88450.” “I’m at the airport entrance. Come over quickly!”

Xara hung up the phone. A BMV X5 stopped beside her as soon as she did. The man in the car rolled down his window and smiled at Xara, who was still standing on the side of the road. He waved his hands. “Hey, beauty. Are you on vacation in Cansington? Have you found a hotel yet? I have a presidential suite in a five-star hotel. Get in the car, and I’ll take you there. How does ten thousand once sound?”

“Go away,” Xara raised her eyebrows and scolded him. The face of the guy in the BMV sank. He was a regular at the airport and often met beautiful women from outside the city. He always took the initiative to seize his chances.

Even conservative women were attracted by his BMV X5, presidential suite in a five-star hotel, and ten thousand dollars.

“Thirty thousand.”

He muttered another amount with a cold expression. He glanced at Xara from head to toe. “This face and figure. Tsk, tsk.’ He swallowed his saliva.

Seeing Xara was not tempted, he muttered another amount, “One hundred thousand.” He had a smug look on his face.

One hundred thousand was definitely a tempting amount to ordinary people. The truth was that his car was rented, and the presidential suite was also fake. The moment a woman got in the car, she would be drugged and brought to a rented unit. After they had fun with her and took a few pictures, they would threaten the woman to make money for their boss.

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