The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 150

Chapter 150 The man driving the BMV X5 was named Nelson Moore.

His boss was pretty well-known in the criminal world and owned a decent club in Cansington.

His task was to drive the BMW X5 to find prey outside the bus stations, train stations, and airports.

As soon as he found a pretty woman from out of town, he would approach and lure them. The moment they got in the car, they were captured.

Nelson would immediately take out a drugged drink that he had prepared in advance as soon as the woman got in the car. Once the woman took a sip, she would feel drowsy and pass out. Then, they would sleep with the woman and take pictures to threaten her. Afterward, the woman would be sent to the club to earn money for their boss.

Nelson looked at Xara.

She was one of the most beautiful women he had come across and would likely earn them a lot of money in the club.

Boss will surely reward me well if she earns him a lot of money. ‘I have to get her.’

Nelson got out of the car. He had a decent appearance and was dressed in a white suit, Rolex watch, and gold necklace. However, these were all counterfeits, bought to deceive girls unfamiliar with luxury brands. Nelson approached Xara with a gentle smile and said, “It must be your first time in Cansington, beauty. Even if you’re not interested in selling, I’m a local of Cansington and can be your tour guide.” He patted his car as he spoke. “This is a top-notch BMV XS. My family doesn’t have much money, but we have five suites in the urban area and a villa in the suburbs. I have a family business with more than one billion dollars assets,” Nelson bragged.

This was his routine.

It was tried and tested.

Every woman he came across fell for it. “Do you not understand what I said? I asked you to go away.” Xara was not tempted and simply scolded him while glaring at him.

Nelson did not expect Xara to be so hard to convince. He had already said so much, yet she was not even slightly tempted.

Suddenly, an idea popped into his mind. He took out a bottle of mineral water and handed it to her.

“Beauty, would you like a drink?

At this very moment, another vehicle stopped near them-a million-dollar Audi. A handsome man approached and greeted, “Xara.” Xara glanced at him and frowned. She said with dissatisfaction, “Why’re you here? Did my mom tell you?”

“Auntie told me you’ll be arriving in Cansington today and asked me to pick you up. Get in the car. I’ve already booked a table in the Gourmand. Let’s grab something to eat first.”

Xara glanced around and saw that James had not arrived. She thought about it for a while and nodded. “Who are you, brat?” Nelson was infuriated.

Before he could catch his prey, another person suddenly interrupted him.

The man driving the Audi was Francis Leland,

He was a classmate from Xara’s college and had been pursuing Xara for years.

Francis was very capable of pleasing his future mother-in-law and often brought gifts to Xara’s mother. Thus, he easily found out that she was returning to Cansington and arrived on time to pick her up. “Who’re you?” He raised his eyebrows when he saw Nelson.

“Listen to me, brat. My name is Nelson Moore. My boss is Frank Ziegler from the East District, nicknamed and known as Mad Dog in the underworld,” Nelson puffed his chest and threatened.

Francis’ face immediately turned pale after hearing this. He hurriedly took out a cigarette and handed it over respectfully. “You must be under Mad Dog. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to offend you.”

Nelson took the cigarette very contemptuously.

Most people in Cansington had to respect him as long as his boss’ name was brought up. Francis personally lit the cigarette for Nelson. Initially, Xara had decided to leave with Francis. She had thought about dating him, seeing that he had been pursuing her all these years and that her mother liked him a lot since he constantly visited her house.

Her mother repeatedly reminded her about how big the Lelands’ family business was in Cansington and how Francis was really promising.

Yet never did she expect him to be so disappointing. “This woman is mine. Get lost,” Nelson smoked the cigarette and scolded him.

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