The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 154

chapter 154

In the Audi.

Xara was in the passenger’s seat.

Francis drove all while boasting nonstop about his family’s prestige in Cansington and how much money he was currently earning through his own company. “Xara, I heard from Thea that you came to Cansington to look for a job. Why not come and work for me in my herb processing plant? With my family’s connections, I can rake in millions a year. I can even make you the manager.” “We’ll see.”

Xara was disinterested. Francis could make a good boyfriend. Since they were classmates, she was also familiar with his personality. However, she had no feelings for him whatsoever. She liked heroes. She admired those who were strong She came to Cansington in search of a living precisely because the Blithe King was transferred here.

She worshipped heroes and had an affinity for generals with great military prowess, like the Blithe King

However, she was capable of distinguishing between dreams and reality. It was her dream to marry a general. However, in reality… She would be content with someone who could provide her with a decent life After all, she had only gotten into Francis’ car after hearing that the Leland family was acquainted with the general.


“Yes, what is it?”

Her words were stuck in her throat.

“Xara, we’re on good terms, aren’t we? Just speak your mind. As long as it’s within my ability, I’d do anything for you. Is there a dress you’d like? Or is there a handbag you can’t afford? Regardless, it’s all a piece of cake to me.

Xara was repulsed by Francis’ nonstop blabber about money, but she kept her composure. “You said you knew a general. May I know which general specifically?”


Her words caught Francis off guard. However, he was quick to recollect hinself. “Surely you know of the Blithe King? I’m acquainted with Daniel, a one-star general under him,” He

bragged. Upon hearing this, Xara’s heart skipped a beat. Francis was acquainted with Daniel, an incredibly famous man in the Western Borders.

“C-Could you introduce me to him? I’d like to get a picture with him.”


Francis said with an uneasy look, “Xara, surely you know who General Highsmith is? Sure, I can reach him on your behalf, but just who do you think you are? Do you think he’d agree to meet a nobody like you?”

Xara nodded.

He was right. It seemed she would never realize her dream.

She did not think much of it. She was just a little disappointed.

Soon, they arrived at the Gourmand.

The table Francis had reserved was located in the public hall.

It was currently lunchtime in Cansington, the land of the wealthy. Hence, all the private rooms had been booked out. Either way, Francis would only be able to afford the lowest priced Bronze room.

He had everything planned out. Knowing that Xara could not hold her liquor and would get drunk after just a sip, he planned to order a few bottles of wine while they dined.

Now, he just had to think of a way to make her drink. Only then would his plan come to fruition.

‘Dumb b*tch. Acting all upright and righteous? We’ll see about that after I get you in bed. He chuckled coldly in his mind.

However, outwardly, he wore a smile as he warmly gestured for Xara to enter the Gourmand James, who was in close pursuit, entered behind Xara. He did not interrupt them. Unless things went south, he would not make an appearance. He planned to pick Xara up only after they were done with lunch. That, to him, would qualify as a mission accomplished. Outside the Gourmand, in the open parking lot. James parked his car. Upon getting off, he glanced at a Jeep that had been tailing him. It was not too far away. He walked toward it and gently knocked on the window. The window rolled down.

Daniel looked at James, embarrassed.

“General Highsmith, is everything alright at the military region? What’s with you following me around all day? Are you treating me as a suspect?” Daniel hurriedly explained, “Black… James, the Blithe King was worried you might get into

trouble, so he sent me to protect you in secret.”

“Protect me?”

James laughed. “General Highsmith, do you hear yourself? Do I look like someone who needs to be protected? Tell the Blithe King to stop tailing me. I’ve been denied my freedom, and I feel uncomfortable.”

“B-But James…”

“Since you’re here, let’s have a meal together.” Now that they were at the hotel, James was feeling a little hungry.

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