The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 157

Chapter 157 Xara glanced at James and seated herself. “A-Are you General Highsmith?” Xara’s eyes gleamed.

Daniel looked at James. James laughed. “Xara, his name’s Danny. He’s not a general.” “H-He’s right.” Daniel quickly nodded in agreement. “Miss… Xara, was it? I’m not a general. My name’s Daniel… Sorry, Danny. I just look similar to Daniel.” He stumbled over his words.

Hearing this, Zara let loose a hearty laugh. She did not expect the majestic-looking General on TV to have such a cute side to him. She knew that the person before her was indeed General Highsmith. She had watched the Blithe king’s succession ceremony countless times. There was no way that she could mistake him for someone else.

No way. He had to be Daniel.

Danny? Seriously?’

“General Highsmith, I really look up to you. C-Can I get a picture with you?” Xara blushed as she summoned the courage to ask him for a favor.

“Uhm?” Daniel glanced at James.

James said with a smile, “Feel free. It doesn’t cost you a lot.”

Daniel nodded in agreement. “T-Then, let’s take a photo.” Xara was delighted. She headed toward Daniel and sat next to him, though she was careful not to get too close. She quickly took her phone out and took a selfie. However, one was not enough. She got closer – so close their bodies were almost touching. She held up a peace sign and snapped another picture.

Snap! Snap! Snap! She alternated between different poses as she snapped over a dozen more photos.

Meanwhile, James was only concerned with eating.

He was famished after skipping breakfast.

After having taken so many photos, Xara was satisfied. With red cheeks, she said, “General Highsmith, thank you so much. You’re my idol, so I’m really excited to see you. I hope you don’t mind all the photos.”

“Haha, it’s alright…” Daniel laughed awkwardly. “Danny… Are you not eating? If you aren’t, then leave.” “Oh, okay.”

Daniel, as if granted amnesty, quickly stood up and left.


Xara called out.

However, Daniel had already left.

“James, w-what are you doing? That was General Highsmith! He’s my idol. How could you make him leave?”

As she spoke, her expression changed. “Wait. You can order General Daniel Highsmith around?” James replied, “Daniel? I’ve told you. He’s Danny. Also, why do you keep calling him a general?”

Xara seated herself and glanced at James.

Her useless brother-in-law was enshrouded in secrecy. She remembered Daniel had given James a scarcely perceptible smile back then at the airport. “James, are you one of the Five Commanders?” Xara exclaimed.

Few knew much about the Five Commanders, let alone their existence. However, she knew bits and pieces about them, as she was a military fan.

Daniel was the Blithe King’s subordinate. Even though James was not the Blithe King, he had authority over Daniel. Therefore, he had to be one of the Five Commanders.


James was at a loss for words. This girl had a keen eye. She had figured out his identity as one of the Five Commanders just from the meeting with Daniel

“Yes,” James said, smiling. “That’s right. I’m one of the Five Commanders.” Francis, who had been concealing himself, walked toward them upon noticing that Daniel had left.

He sat at Daniel’s seat and shot James a look of displeasure. “Pfft! If you’re one of the Five Commanders, then I’m the Emperor of the Capital!” Xara immediately lost interest in the conversation. She had long heard of James’ past. He had retired from the army, but how was he one of the Five Commanders?

Also, why would one of the Five Commanders marry into the Callahans?

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