The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 159

Chapter 159

After saying that, she turned and left. James was close behind her. Before leaving, he added, “Remember to pay the bill.”

“Damn it.”

Francis clenched his fists angrily. A hint of disappointment flashed across his somewhat handsome face.

“James, you piece of junk Just wait.”

James had ruined his plans, so he was full of hatred for him.

James led Xara out of the Gourmand. He put her suitcase in the trunk and drove to the Callahans’ residence.

Xara sat in the passenger seat. She wore a silly smile as she scrolled through the photos she had taken with Daniel on her phone. James could not help but comment, “They’re just photos. Is that necessary?” “What do you know?” Xara shot him a look “General Highsmith is my idol. The Blithe King’s an even greater idol of mine. It was my lifelong dream to take a photo with them. Finally, my : wish has come true.


She stopped for a moment and glanced over at James, who was driving, before saying, “The person I admire the most is the Black Dragon General of the Southern Plains. You said you were deployed to the South. So, have you seen the Black Dragon General? What does he look like?”

“Of course.”

James had a haughty look on his face. “No one knows the Black Dragon better than me.” “Really?” Xara was delighted. “So, is the Black Dragon tall or short? Is he fat or skinny? What’s he like? Is he married?” She popped a consecutive string of questions. She knew of the Black Dragon, and she knew of the battle that gave him that title. It was known all across the world.

All military junkies knew of it.

However, no one knew how the Black Dragon looked.

The appointment of the Black Dragon as a general was top secret. Aside from a few higher-ups in the military regions, no one else knew about it. Even if some photos did leak, only a few of the most prominent families in the Capital would have them. An ordinary family would never come close to ever seeing them.

James said, smiling, “I can confidently say that the Black Dragon is married. Give up on your dreain.”

Xara was disappointed. However, that disappointment dissipated almost immediately. “Brag all you want. I’ve heard that although you were in the military for ten years, you remained the lowest-ranked foot soldier. The Southern Plains was filled with millions of the Black Dragon army. I don’t think you were even qualified to join their ranks. So, how could you possibly know the Black Dragon when you’ve never even seen him?”

James smiled and said nothing. Even if he had told her the truth, she would not have believed him. Instead, she would have chastised him for being delusional. Xara sighed deeply “A year ago, my idol, the Black Dragon, charged into the enemy camp alone and went on a rampage. Among all the bloodshed and the mountain of corpses, he returned triumphant with the enemy’s commander’s decapitated head. That marked a full stop to his legendary life.” “To think that a common citizen like you would be so knowledgeable,” James said. “Of course.” Xara wore a smug look. “I’m a veteran military junkie.” However, her expression transitioned into one of sadness. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to . see the Black Dragon in my lifetime. When the opportunity presents itself, I’ll visit the Southern Plains. For now, I’ll remain in Cansington. Perhaps I’ll get to see the Blithe king. “Oh, right…” Suddenly, she had an idea. “James, you’ve known Daniel all your life. Although he’s gotten ahead in life and is now in his prime, he may still do you a favor. Will you help me, please? 1 really want to take a picture with the Blithe King,” she pleaded. “Huh?”

James glanced over at Xara. He did have a liking for her. After all, she looked up to military men. She was not boy-crazy and did not blindly worship celebrities. Besides, she merely wanted to take a picture with the Blithe King. It was not as if she was trying to marry a general.

“Xara, I can help you, but only if you keep this a secret from Thea. If you can do that, I’ll bring you to meet the Blithe King.”

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