The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Xara was merely throwing words out.

She was not hoping to get anything out of it.

Even if General Highsmith had known James since he was a child, he was still a general and a person of high status.

Moreover, to the Blithe King, he was just a subordinate. He might agree to help James, but the Blithe king himself might not be convinced. Upon hearing James’ words, her eyes gleamed. “Really?”

James said with a smile, “Of course. I used to be in the military too. Since you’re so enthusiastic, I’ll come up with something.”

“James, that’s great! Thank you.” Xara was excited.

The Blithe King was one of the Five Commanders.

Although the Blithe King was not the most admired of all, she would be more than content if she got to take a picture with him. James glimpsed at the rear-view mirror. The jeep was still tailing him.

He knew that the Blithe king was still tailing him.

Xara eventually recollected herself and asked with an upset look on her face, “James, don’t give me false hope. You may be childhood friends with General Highsmith, but there’s no way he’d be able to convince his superior to take a picture with me.”

James smiled. “We’ll give it a try.”

He turned the car around and headed in the direction of the military region. Soon, they arrived at the gates of the Cansington military region. “James, you’re doing this right now?” With a confused look, she asked, “Would we get to see the Blithe king without informing General Highsmith?” “We’ll try our luck.” James grinned with an air of mystery.

He parked his car by the side.

He knew that the Blithe King had been informed of his arrival. After all, he had been sending his men to monitor his movements. As expected, a few minutes later, a middle-aged man clad in combat gear walked out. He had five stars plastered on his shoulder.

He had a round face and bushy eyebrows, He exuded an aura of unrivaled dominance.

Xara watched as the Blithe King walked toward them. She was so fllled with exhilaration that she had almost forgotten to breathe.

James opened the car door and gestured for her to get off. The Blithe King approached them and shot James a look with a slight frown. Xara got off the car and nervously stood before the Blithe King Yes, this was the Blithe King. He was more majestic in person than on TV. She held her breath

James said calmly, “This is my cousin. She’s a veteran military fan. She looks up to you and wants to take a picture with you. What do you think?”

The Blithe King frowned.

What was the Black Dragon up to? He glanced at Xara.

Xara’s heart stopped. Her mind went blank

The moment she laid her eyes on the Blithe King, her senses went numb, and she could do nothing but stand in place.

She could not hear anything James was saying,

James lightly pushed the stupefied Xara. “What are you standing here for? Go and take the picture.”


Xara recollected her senses and carefully glanced at the Blithe King. “M-May 1?” Wearing a look of compassion, the Blithe King replied, “But, of course. Why not?” Upon hearing this, Xara got so excited she almost burst into tears. She swiftly took her phone out and handed it to James. “I- James, h-help me out.”

She was so thrilled that she had almost dropped her phone.

James took the phone and opened the camera. Xara then walked toward the Blithe King and stood by his side.

“Closer,” James instructed.

Xara wanted to, but she dared not.

Unexpectedly, the Blithe King got closer to her. As long as the Black Dragon was pleased and did not cause any trouble, the Blithe King would have his peace and quiet. What was a photography session worth, after all? “Commander-in-chief, loosen up. Smile! Also, try putting your arm around her shoulders. Give us a loving expression, won’t you?”

Upon hearing this, the Blithe King was enraged. However, he kept his composure and did as James had instructed.

Xara felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her shoulders.

At that moment, her breathing stopped. She could not feel her heartbeat. “Done,” James called out before she could even react.

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