The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 163

Chapter 163 “That’s right.” Lex nodded. “Even if those men only helped Thea because they owed someone else a favor, they’re still part of her network connections. If we establish a good relationship with those men, it will surely benefit us. Do you know how much the Callahans have earned by cooperating with Celestial Group? At least tens of millions.”

Lex took a drag on his cigarette.

“Once Thea returns, we’ll be able to expand our production. We can further cooperate with large pharmaceutical groups such as Celestial Group and Longevity Pharmaceuticals and establish ourselves in Cansington’s commercial city. With this, the Callahans will surely rise… “Lex grew increasingly excited as he spoke. “Bring Thea to me, no matter the cost.” The Callahans all had grim faces. They did not want the back. Although with her, they had managed to establish stronger connections with Celestial Group, she would take the helm of the Callahans once she came back. That meant things might go against their interests.

It was a gateway for the Callahans to get richer, but what use was there being an influential family if they themselves could not gain anything from it?

“Grandfather,” Tommy spoke. “Thea’s not coming back. I knelt before her last time. Gladys was even more ruthless. She claimed that they would not return even if you personally went and kneeled before her.”

Megan chimed in, “That’s right, grandpa. They’re truly despicable. All these years, they’ve lived off the Callahans’ resources. However, they’re showing their true colors now that they’re asked to contribute to the family.”

“I’ll pay them a visit once more.” Lex stood up. “Prepare the gifts.” Howard reluctantly complied.

Following that, Lex brought Howard’s family and headed to Thea’s residence

John and his family did not reside in the Callahan residence. Instead, they had gotten a small villa nearby.

After preparing lunch, James sat on the balcony and smoked his cigarettes. Xara had skipped her lunch.

She headed toward the balcony and saw James smoking his cigarettes. With a zipped smile, she spoke, “James, you don’t have any influence among the Callahans. Why don’t you divorce Thea?”


James glanced at her. Xara blinked her big, round eyes. “Why don’t we get married after you get your divorce?”

James smiled at her and said nothing. At that moment, the doorbell rang. David put down his cutlery and answered the door. The moment he saw Lex, he froze. He hurriedly asked, “Grandfather, why are you here? P-Please, come in.” David invited them into the house.

“Mother, father, uncle Howard and grandpa are here.” Gladys put down her cutlery, her expression grim. Lex made his way in with a smile on his aged face. “Thea, grandpa’s here to see you.” Thea hurriedly stood and greeted him, “Grandpa, please sit. Have you eaten? Let me grab you a plate.”

Lex laughed. “I’ve already eaten, Thea. It’s been a while. I hope you’re no longer angry. Come home with me. You’ll be the chairman of Eternality.” “No way.”

Gladys instantly retorted, “Father, stop wasting your time. Thea won’t ever go back. We won’t consider your offer unless you’re willing to transfer fifty percent of the Group’s shares to Benjamin.”

“What?” Tommy panicked and raised his voice. “Fifty percent of the shares? The audacity!”

Howard’s expression was grim. “I’m warning you. Don’t cross the line.”

Howard’s wife, Jolie, was anxious too. She hurriedly joined in, “Father, don’t promise them anything.” Lex waved them off and cut the conversation short.

He thought for a while before asking, “Thea, if I give your family fifty percent of the shares, can you bring glory to the Callahans? Can you turn the Callahans into a powerful and influential farnily?” “T-That’s…”

Thea was at a loss.

She never expected grandpa to agree to transfer fifty percent of the shares to them. Bringing glory to the Callahans? Becoming an influential family? Was she capable of doing that?

She did not believe so.

Gladys, too, did not expect Lex to consider her demands.

She immediately added, “Well, of course. Do you know what influential people Thea has acquainted herself with? This morning, she even went shopping in the commercial city with Ms. Lawson of Longevity Pharmaceuticals.” Upon saying that, she shot Thea a look “Thea, tell us you can bring glory to the Callahans.”

“1…” Thea could not continue.

She was not confident.

She would be fine managing Eternality Group, but was she truly capable of leading the Callahans on the path to glory?

“She will.”

James, who had just finished his cigarette, approached them and said with a smile, “Grandpa, don’t you worry. Thea will surely lead the Callahans on the path to glory. The Xaviers of The Great Four have fallen. The remaining three are not too far away. Not long, the Callahans would make their way in and herome one of the Great Four”

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