The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 167

Chapter 167 James raised his hands. “How am I supposed to know that? I’m not an expert in this field.”

Thea sighed. “Alright, stop bickering already. Jamie was just being considerate. I’ll make the relevant preparations. I’ll go to the office tomorrow to prepare the related documents and hand them in for submission. If it doesn’t work, then so be it. Grandpa should know that this is an impossible mission. So, even if I fail, he won’t make life difficult for me.”

“Yeah.” Gladys nodded. At this point, that was the only thing they could do.

Meanwhile, Benjamin was still in a trance.

Fifty percent shares.

He never expected in his wildest dreams to be granted fifty percent of the family’s shares.

David, too, had forgotten about his earlier dejection. He exclaimed excitedly, “Father, grandpa said you have the right to redistribute your shares. I’m your only son. Quick, give me twenty five percent.”

Benjamin glanced at Gladys.

Even though he had the right to redistribute them, Gladys had the final say.

Gladys smacked David on the head and said, “Thea still has to undergo a three-month probation period before she becomes the official chairman, yet here you are thinking about dividends? At least wait till she’s secured her position!”

“Mom, we can still get a lot in three months. Have Dad give me my shares first. I’ll use the money from the next three months to buy a villa for my in-laws.” Upon hearing this, Alyssa was delighted. “Thanks, darling.” Gladys glanced at James and said, “Look at him. What a considerate son-in-law. He thinks of his in-laws when he gets rich. What about you?”

James scratched his nose.

Was he not thinking for the Callahans? If he was not, how did Thea become the chairman? Would Benjamin have gotten the fifty percent shares?

David immediately understood the situation and spoke, “Mom, it’s not that I wasn’t thinking about you. However, now that dad has gotten his shares, you’d be able to afford a villa in just a few months. Meanwhile, my mother-in-law’s family is cramped in a small hundred square meter house.”

“It’s alright.” Gladys waved him off. “I’m not mad. Since the Myers have entrusted their daughter to you, you should help them out now that we’re rich.”

Alyssa was grateful. “Thank you, mom.”

They were filled with joy.

However, Thea wore a worried expression.

She returned to her room, switched on her laptop, and started writing the application to set up shop. James had not smoked in front of Thea for the entire day. Now, his tobacco addiction was kicking in again. He dared not smoke on the balcony again. Instead, he made his way out of the house, seated himself by the stairs, and lit a cigarette.

Xara approached him. Wrapping her arms around herself, she fixed her gaze on James, who was sitting on the floor while smoking his cigarette. She pursed her lips. “James, it should be a piece of cake for Thea to set up shop at the Trade City Center, right?”

James lifted his head and caught a glimpse of a delicate face. He shrugged. “How would I know?”

“What? Aren’t you helping out in the shadows? With your help, it should be a piece of cake, no?”

“You flatter me. I’m just a decommissioned military guy.”

Unconcerned for her comportment, Xara sat on the floor and wrapped her arms around James. She looked as if she was clinging to him. She laughed flirtatiously. “James, I came to Cansington looking for a job. You got anything for me?”

Thea did not know how to write the application for setting up a shop.

She exited her room but could not find James anywhere. She made her way out of the house.

She made it a few steps before she saw James seated on the floor by the stairs not too far away. Xara had her arms wrapped around him. It seemed as if she was clinging to him.


It was as if a thunderous storm had descended upon her. Thea was flabbergasted. Petrified, her eyes brimmed with tears.

She stood there for a few seconds before covering her mouth and running back inside, weeping

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