The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 168

Chapter 168 Xara was daring. She was almost on top of James. A young maiden’s alluring fragrance entered James’ nostrils, and he hurriedly turned his body to the side.

His actions amused Xara, and she burst out laughing. “James, are you still shy about this? People say you haven’t been doing it with Thea. Could it be you’re still a virgin?”

James blushed.

Indeed, he was.

Ten years ago, he was only seventeen, a teenage boy who had just graduated senior high school.

He had been in a relationship with a girl back then.

However, holding hands was the furthest they went.

He was then in the army for ten years. His days were filled with special training, ice-cold weapons, and the remains of his enemies.

He did not wish to prolong this conversation. He inhaled the smoke deeply, threw the cigarette bud into the trash can, and made his way back into the house.

Thea, who had seen James by the stairs with Xara’s arms wrapped around him, ran away in tears.

The moment she entered her room, she burst out crying.

She had thought that James was a good man.

To think he would be identical to all the other men out there. He had only met Xara today, yet the two were already hooking up. Knock, knock, knock! Knocks sounded from the other side of the door.

Thea hurriedly wiped her tears and took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she went for the door.

James walked in and asked, smiling, “What are you doing? You’re taking quite some time.” However, Thea said nothing. She headed straight toward the laptop, sat in front of it, and stared at the screen. James did not notice anything out of the ordinary He consciously took a mat out and placed it on the floor.

Thea felt aggrieved watching his actions.

He might be playing the gentleman in her presence, but he was hooking up with another woman behund her back.

Worse still, that woman was her cousin. She shook her head, trying to shake the messed-up thoughts off her mind. However, she could not forget the image of Xara clinging onto James flirtatiously with her body on top of him. The scene was etched in her mind. It lingered no matter how much she tried to forget it. ‘Did he hook up with someone else because I didn’t let him have his way with me? He’s a man, after all. He has his needs.’ Thea was deep in thought. She thought it was her fault James went looking for another woman.

However, deep inside, she felt bitter.

It was not as if she forbade him from having his way with her. He voluntarily slept on the floor. She had hinted at him multiple times, but he was unresponsive.

As she thought about this, bitterness filled her heart At that moment, she thought about divorcing him.

She would divorce him and wish him the best with Xara.


“Uh huh?”

James, lying on the mat and deep in his thoughts, recollected himself and asked, “What is it?” Thea turned to face James, who was now sitting, with a grim expression. “What do you think of my cousin, Xara?”

“Huh?” James was confused. He could not read between the lines. He was in the army for ten years. For the past ten years, he had been interacting with his enemies, not women. As such, he was unable to read their minds. He instinctively nodded.” She’s cool.”

Upon hearing this, Thea was disappointed.

She wanted to save their marriage.

She could still remember James bringing her to the House of Royals and the way he meticulously took care of her after marrying into the Callahans.

He would put her to bed at night and bring her out to sunbathe during the day. She had never experienced such care and warmth.

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