The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 17

Chapter 17

The sun rose, shining brightly on the world.

The citizens woke up, got ready, and started a brand new day.

In the morning, the chairman’s office, the Celestial building.

“Mister Yates, something major went down last night.”

A beautiful, sexy woman stood next to Alex, recounting what happened at the Xaviers’ auction yesterday.

“Trent Xavier kidnapped Thea and her family?”

Alex was stunned when he heard this.He followed up with, “Did Trent die in the end?”

“Yes, sir.

According to news sources, Trent was going to take the Callahans out before coming after Celestial.Before he could do anything to Thea Callahan, a man in a ghost mask appeared.He’s Warren Xavier’s murderer, and he killed Trent too.”

Alex waved a hand.

“That’s enough.”

His secretary left.

Alex smiled grimly, mumbling to himself, “Laying a finger on Thea is like courting death.What good is a deputy commander of the Western border? Even the Blithe King of the West has to yield to the Black Dragon.”

Alex had never cared much about the Xaviers or the Callahans anyway.

At Common Clinic.

After a good night’s rest, Thea woke up.When she came to, a pair of strong hands was holding hers.She felt boneless and limp.She wanted to get up, but her face burned.She screamed.

James was holding Thea’s hands tightly, having fallen asleep at the side of the bed.

Thea’s shouts jolted him awake.

Anxiously, he said, “Darling, you’re awake?”

Hearing a familiar voice, Thea asked weakly, “Jamie, where am I?”

James replied, “You’re at Common Clinic.It belongs to a friend.Your family was in trouble yesterday.Everyone had been kidnapped.I was lucky enough to evade capture, quietly following them to Cansington Hotel.When I got there, I saw you lying on the road outside, so I brought you here.” James did not want Thea to learn his true identity.Thea was just a normal person. If she found out, she would be greatly affected. All he wanted was for Thea to experience a worry- free life. “Pm so sorry I couldn’t protect you.” James blamed himself for what happened.

Thea remembered what happened last night, feeling wronged.She cried.

“why? Why me?”

Last night, she felt completely hopeless as she was tortured.

Looking into Trent Xavier’s face, she had felt hopeless and helpless.She prayed and begged for him to let her go, but he only cut her face up slowly.She broke down and started crying in earnest.

James squeezed her hands tightly, saying, “I’m sorry. ’m so sorry.I should have gone with you.” He kept apologizing.He had let her down.

If not for him, Thea would not be in this situation.

Thea got sick of crying, or maybe she was exhausted.Her sobs grew quieter and quieter, and she finally fell asleep. Only then did James let go of her, heading out. “James.” Henry, who had stood guard all night, produced a cigarette and passed it to him,

saying, “All the Western border soldiers in Cansington Hotel have been taken care of according to your instructions.I left the Xaviers unscathed.I’ve investigated, and the Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge painting at the auction is a fake.I’ve interrogated Rowena Xavier as well.The real painting disappeared from the Xaviers’ place ten years ago.As for where it is, Rowena doesn’t know.Only Trent knows, but he’s dead now.”

James lit the cigarette.

Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside’s Edge was the Cadens’ family heirloom.

Grandfather valued it more than his own life.No matter where it was, James had to retrieve it.He had no time right now, though.

Thea had just been through a great ordeal.

Now, he had to stay with her and make up for his mistakes.

Henry paused before saying, “There’s something else.The military regions of North Cansington, Cansington, South Chyna, Ocean City, and Coastal Heaven will be merging as one.The Blithe King of the West has been assigned away from the Western border to take on the role of commander-in-chief of the five armies, effective today.It was documented this morning.”

James did not care.

Mildly, he said, “None of my business.”

“James, based on your victories, the role belongs to you.What does the Blithe King have to do with it?”

Henry felt like this was very unfair.

James only waved a hand, saying, “That’s enough.Forget about it.None of this has anything to do with me.”

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