The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 171

Chapter 171 With a grim expression, she took a seat.

James noticed the displeasure on Thea’s face and hurriedly explained, ”Thea, don’t listen to David. Nothing’s going on between us. Yes, she was holding my arm, but she was only asking me to find her a job. We weren’t making out.”

“Yes,” Xara hurriedly added. “That’s what really happened, Thea.”

David sprang to his feet. “Looking for a job? Who do you think you are, the chairman of the company? Thea is the chairman of Eternality. Xara should be approaching her for help, not you.”

Gladys was sullen. “Xara, I won’t be telling your father about this. It’d be bad if rumors were to spread and ruin the good name of the Hills. James, you have to divorce Thea. The Callahans could never accept such a shameless son-in-law like you.” “That’s right. Get a divorce.” Alyssa joined in. Thea felt her head spin. A divorce?

She had wanted to say those words last night.

However, she had recalled how well James had treated her. She remembered James’ meticulous care and sincere thoughtfulness. She wanted to give him a chance. All men made mistakes. If he turned over a new leaf, she would forgive him. However, she never expected James to do something as outrageous as making out with Xara in their house.

‘If David had not gotten back in time…’

Thea could not hold back her tears. She looked James in the eye, eyes full of tears. Thea’s tearful expression on her face tugged at James’ heartstrings. He hurriedly asked,” Thea, do you not trust me?”

Thea wept. “I trust you, James. But I trust what I’ve seen more. I saw everything last night. I saw how intimate you two were by the stairs and how you embraced each other. All men make mistakes, so I wanted to give you a chance. But, this is how you repay me? This is my home! How could you make out with another woman in my home?!” Thea wailed, unable to suppress her emotions. Last night? James remembered. Xara was hugging his arm last night.

It turned out Thea had witnessed everything. No wonder she looked as if there was something on her mind.

However, he was innocent. “Divorce.”

“You have to divorce him.”

“This trash has been leeching off our family. To think he would even make out with another woman behind my sister’s back.”

“Besides, how could you be this shameless, Xara? Thea’s your cousin!”

The Callahans started attacking the pair.

Xara was so aggrieved she was almost in tears.

She was at fault.

However, she was just holding James by the arm.

How did things turn out this way?

Being chastised as a shameless woman, she could no longer hold back her tears. She cried out, “Yes, I’m shameless. So what? James is a fine man. Yet, you people order him around like a servant. After he gets this divorce, I’ın marrying him.”


Gladys slapped her across the face.

“H-How could you be so brazen?! How unfortunate of the Hills to have someone like you!”

A mark surfaced on Xara’s fair cheeks. Aggrieved, she wept.

“Fine. I wish you two the best.” Thea’s voice broke. “James, I’ll see you at the Department of Civil Affairs tomorrow morning.” Upon saying that, she ran into her room in tears and slammed the door shut. James massaged his temple with a frustrated look on his face. What was happening? He had never felt this troubled even back when he had to face an army. However, he was back here to repay his debts. There was no need for him to marry Thea and make her his.

James would do anything to make Thea happy.

However, she was angry now.

He could not explain things but could only wait for her anger to dissipate. “Scram.” Gladys pointed at the door. “Get lost, the both of you. The Callahans do not welcome you. David, throw Xara’s suitcase out.” “Yes, mom.”

David made his way into Xara’s room, took her suitcase and a few pieces of clothing, and tossed everything out.

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