The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 173

Chapter 173 It was almost nine o’clock

The Trade City Center had only just begun attracting business investment. As Scarlett was an amateur in the field, she had gone on a hiring spree. At the moment, they were having a conference at the company headquarters to discuss the follow-up process of the investment project.

She paused the meeting upon receiving James’ call. “I’m still at the company. Is there anything, James?”

James said, “I have a friend who’s currently unemployed. Can you arrange a position for her?”

“Where are you, James? I’ll have someone pick you up now. I’m in the middle of a meeting, so I can’t leave.”

“No need. I’ll take a taxi there.”

He hung up the phone.

Xara was gazing longingly at James. As James hung up his phone, she could not help but ask,” James, who did you just call?” James gave her a mysterious grin. “Let’s go. We’ll take a taxi to the Trade City Center. Don’t tell anyone about this. Keep a low profile, especially in front of Thea.”

“Got it.” Xara nodded in excitement.

James called a taxi to the Trade City Center.

Newly constructed and located in downtown Cansington, its central region was filled with skyscrapers. The region was comprised of many pedestrian streets, food streets, commercial streets, antique streets, and clothing streets.

There were even villas and luxury residential areas in the vicinity.

All these combined constituted the trade center of a new era.

In the heart of the region stood a skyscraper. It was a hundred and eighty stories tall, the tallest tower of the trade center, and referred to as the Transgenerational Tower. To the outside world, it was also referred to as the Transgenerational Financial Center.

Upon getting off the car, Xara stared at the skyscraper, dazed.

“James, this is the Transgenerational Center. It’ll soon become the most bustling area in the country, where all large conglomerates will gather in the future. They haven’t even set up shop yet. Why did you bring me here to look for a job?”

As she spoke, her expression changed. She gasped. “Wait. Are you the owner of the newly established Transgenerational Group and the Transgenerational Financial Center?” James smiled slightly and said nothing. He had bought this new city in secret.

However, he had never been here.

He gazed at the skyscraper, a hundred and eighty stories high, and the shining, white words on the top of the tower-Transgenerational Tower. “Let’s go.” He brought Xara along After receiving James’ call, Scarlett called an end to the meeting, brought the high-ranking officials of Transgenerational Group to the ground floor, and waited patiently for his arrival.

A dozen or so men gathered outside the Transgenerational Tower. These were the elites of society-well-paid business elites who Scarlett had hired from overseas.

“Soon, the chairman of Transgenerational Group will be here for inspection work Be careful not to offend him,” She reminded.


At present, they were looking forward to meeting the mysterious owner of Transgenerational Group, who purchased an entire city.

Who would be that wealthy man with a capital of over a trillion dollars?

Who in the world would possess such courage and vigor?

Soon, they would meet the man who had been the talk on the street. They were both nervous and a little excited.

Then, a man and a woman walked over. The man was dressed in ordinary clothes and had a suitcase in his hands. The woman, though, was rather good-looking Upon seeing the dozen social elites dressed in professional attire outside the Tower, Xara was doubtful. Were they really at Transgenerational Group?

“He’s here. The chairman is here.” Scarlett spoke.

“Welcome, chairman.” A booming voice resonated in unison. The dozen or so business elites fixed their gaze on James. Was he the man who bought Transgenerational New City? Meanwhlle, Xara was dumbfounded. Chairman?

James was the one who bought Transgenerational New City?

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