The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 175

Chapter 175

She was James’ cousin, after all.

To her, Xara was only here to gain experience. Sooner or later, she would be the top brass of the company. “Huh? I’m in charge of the region near the food street?” Xara was stunned. That was a task only a high-ranking official would be assigned. Based on her original plans, she would be content working just any job in Cansington. Even a lower executive position would suffice.

Now, she was in charge of an entire region. She had heard that the food street required exceptionally high prerequisites for the entry of business investments.

Only renowned catering companies in the culinary world had the right to establish themselves. Besides, the one-off payment for setting up shop was at least a couple of million dollars, not including the subsequent rental they would have to pay. At that moment, she started getting cold feet. Would she be up to the task?

However, she was more concerned with James’ identity.

“M-Ms. Brooks, w-who exactly is James? Was he the one who bought Transgenerational New City, the world-class financial center of the future?”

She asked the question that had been bugging her.


Scarlett looked at her. “You don’t know?”

“W-What do you mean?”

Xara was baffled.

She was sure it was James who bought this place.

Still, she could not believe it and wanted confirmation.

Scarlett remained silent. Since James had not said anything about it, she did not dare say much.

Seeing that Scarlett remained silent, Xara probed, “C-Could James be the Black Dragon General of the Southern Plains?”

Scarlett smiled and said nothing. Soon, they arrived at the topmost floor of the building. Around twenty people gathered in a grand conference room. They were business elites who had only recently joined Transgenerational Group.

Carrying her suitcase, Xara was stunned by the sight of the luxurious conference room.

As she had only been the secretary of a company’s chairman with a net worth in the tens of millions, she had never witnessed such a spectacle.

“Allow me to introduce you to your new colleague, Ms. Hills. She’ll be in charge of the food street region.”

Everyone had seen Xara walking in with the behind-the-scenes owner of Transgenerational Group

They stepped forward and extended their greetings.

“Hello, Ms. Hills.”

“T’ll be in your care, Ms. Hills.” “Ah, a-aren’t you the renowned Mr. Wiggly in financial circles?” “Ah, I know you. You’re the famous Excellent Investor on Wall Street.” Watching the influential people introduce themselves, Xara was so astounded that her mouth was left agape.

These were business elites who were renowned in financial circles, and they now gathered at Transgenerational Group.


Scarlett coughed.

They took a seat

Scarlett pointed to an empty seat. “Ms. Hills, you may sit there.”


Xara took a deep breath to calm herself down. Then, she walked toward the empty seat and sat down. Scarlett continued, “I hope you’ll keep what you saw today a secret. The identity of the owner is top secrel and cannot be revealed to the public. Whoever leaks it will suffer the same fate of the leaders of the Great Four of Cansington.”

Upon hearing this, everyone in the conference room quivered.

Xara was flabbergasted.

She was an intelligent woman.

Now that Scarlett had mentioned the leaders of The Great Four, she began to connect the dots.

James was the person Thea had saved from the fire in the Caden residence ten years ago. He was also the ghost – masked man who killed the leaders of The Great Four.

Now, she finally understood James’ affection toward Thea.

Thea was his savior.

However, his identity remained a mystery. Who exactly was he?

Was he the Black Dragon of the Southern Plains?

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