The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 176

Chapter 176 Henry was asleep in a room in Common Clinic. Sensing movement, he immediately got up and switched on the lights. He could see James walking in. “James, what brings you here?” James looked at Henry dejectedly. “I fought with Thea.”

“Huh? What happened?” Henry was confused.

James deeply sighed.

Henry passed him a cigarette.

James accepted it.

Henry lit the cigarette.

James took a deep breath. “Nothing much. Just a little misunderstanding.”

He recounted what happened to Henry.


Henry could not restrain his laughter. “That’s hilarious! The General of the Southern Plains driven out of the Callahan residence?”

Noticing James’ grim expression, he instantly held his tongue. With a serious look, he said, ” James, I can help if you need me to kill someone. But something like this? I’m helpless.”

James lightly waved him off. “I’m not expecting you to help me out. I’ll explain things to Thea when she calms down.” “You’ll be sleeping here tonight?”

“Yes. We’ll have a good drink while we’re at it.”

They left Common Clinic, and James brought Henry to a barbecue restaurant by the roads. They ordered some lamb kebab and some beer.

At the Callahans, Thea was in tears, crying herself to sleep.

She woke up early the next day.

Having just taken over Eternality Group, she had to attend to important matters. Besides, she needed to prepare the relevant documents for the application to set up shop at the Trade City Center.

The Transgenerational City Center was not open for business investment yet. Even the few large corporations who had set up shop in advance only qualified by a hair’s breadth. Meanwhile, smaller businesses would have to wait for the official opening of the investment project to submit their application letters.


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